Southern Charm beauty Madison LeCroy is back in the spotlight today as Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez confirm their split. Ending their engagement after two years, J.Lo and A-Rod “have realized [they] are better as friends and look forward to remaining so,” the couple said in a joint statement to People.

Nevertheless, cheating rumors have plagued A-Rod since the Southern Charm reunion, which aired on Bravo.

LeCroy, who dated Southern Charm castmate Austen Kroll, got into the hot seat as she sparred with another castmate, Craig Conover. “You were flying around the country sleeping with men, married men!” Conover told LeCroy. “Ex-MLB players. That’s what you were doing during quarantine. You know why Austen was at my house? ‘Cause you weren’t talking to him!”

LeCroy pounced: “Put me on a lie detector test. I never flew to Miami. Tell me when I went to Miami, where’s the record of that s—t? Because that’s fake.”

Her ex-boyfriend Kroll said she bragged about sleeping with the ball player. And she retorted: “Well, it’s better than you.”

There has been buzz about an A-Rod, J.Lo split for some time now. But the power couple previously insisted they were just going through a tough time in their relationship. “They never officially broke up and talked about it but are still together. They hit a rough patch. But were not broken up,” a source previously told People. “She’s working in the Dominican Republic and he’s in Miami so it’s tough seeing each other especially with quarantining and COVID, but they want to try to stay together.”

Madison LeCroy denies ARod cheating allegations

Twitter blew up in January after LeCroy and Rodriguez were linked. LeCroy’s co-stars are still convinced something happened. She denies the allegations, saying the two only shared FaceTime calls.

“He’s never physically cheated on his fiancée with me,” LeCroy said in a statement to Page Six back in February. “I don’t want anything bad for his family, or for mine. We are definitely innocent in this.”

A-Rod and J.Lo reportedly saw a therapist during quarantine. “I think it was really helpful for us in our relationship,” J.Lo admitted. They are committed to remaining friends for their children, who have become close over the last 12 months.