Terrifying footage has surfaced showing L.A. dad Marcos Sandoval shot dead while walking his dog on Saturday morning. The video captured the moment the L.A. man was fatally shot. LAPD are actively looking for the shooter while Sandoval’s family and friends are trying to figure out what happened.

According to reports, the shooting happened at around 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning near the corner of Genesee Avenue and Saturn Street. The 52-year-old was out with his dog when a dark Ford Fusion sedan pulled up to him. A home surveillance video showed the driver getting out of the car and start arguing with Sandoval, which happened off camera.

One gunshot is heard and Marcos Sandoval’s dog, named Little Torro, is seen running from the shooting. Another shot is fired and then the driver gets back into the car and drives away from the scene on Genesee Avenue.

Sandoval was found 30 minutes later, around 6:15 a.m. by a passerby who called 911. The suspect has not been identified and a motive is unclear. Little Torro was not injured during the fatal shooting and according to reports, he ran three blocks home and was the first one to tell the family that something was wrong.

“He started barking at my sister’s window, the back door, and my sister went out to look for him,” Sandoval’s daughter told CBS. “When she couldn’t find him, that’s when she called me.”

Marcos Sandoval shot dead
Marcos Sandoval was shot dead while walking his dog in a L.A. neighborhood. Police are looking for the suspect and trying to figure out what happened. (Credit: Facebook)

Marcos Sandoval lived a couple streets over from where he was shot, and many of his neighbors were surprised that the fatal shooting happened. Shirley Dionzon, a resident in the neighborhood since 1965, described the area as a “no-crime zone,” saying, “we’ve never had anything like that.”

Another neighbor, who spoke to CBS, but did not want to be identified, told reporters that she woke up and heard the shooting. She said, “I woke up maybe like 5:30 (a.m.) and heard two men talking loudly, arguing.  Then my dog and cat woke up and a few minutes – maybe 5 minutes – went by then I heard two gunshots. I didn’t know they were gunshots at the time.”

The unidentified neighbor added that she assumed the L.A. dad knew his shooter because of their tones of voice.

The neighbor added that people typically walk their dogs in the neighborhood, and she’s now terrified. “This is a neighborhood where people get up early walk their dogs, run, it’s something me and my husband do, so the idea that somebody would pull around a corner and shoot somebody when they’re walking the dog is horrifying,” she said.

Since Marcos Sandoval was shot dead, his family and friends are mourning his death and have started a memorial at the site of his tragic death. His daughter described her father as hardworking and always willing to put his family first. She said Sandoval had no enemies and the family can’t imagine who would want to kill the 52-year-old.

“He had no enemies, he was a good person,” said Sandoval’s daughter. “We don’t know why someone would just target him.”

The memorial continues to grow with flowers and candles as more and more loved ones come and pay their respects to the L.A. man. A motive for the shooting is unknown, and police continue to investigate.

“This is a very quiet neighborhood, no significant crime patterns. So, we really have no motive for this case at all,” said LAPD Lieutenant John Radtke.

Marcos Sandoval shot dead
Little Torro ran home after the L.A. shooting of his owner, Marcos Sandoval. Police are actively looking for the suspect. (Credit: CBS YouTube)

Since the shooting, some of Sandoval’s friends have posted on Facebook to express their grief over his death. Eco Dog Care LA posted and said, “RIP Mr. Marcos Sandoval a dog-loving neighbor in this dog-loving community. Killed early yesterday morning by an unknown, armed man. Mr. Sandoval, a house painter. was walking his LWD who bolted home after seeing his person fall. Our thoughts are with his family & friends.”

LAPD West Bureau homicide detectives are urging anyone with information about the shooting to call them at 213-382-9470 or Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.