Margarita Sandoval’s body has been found wrapped in plastic in a Norman, Oklahoma basement. The young woman had been missing for three years. The police have opened an investigation into her tragic death.

Police were called to the Oklahoma home when someone living there mentioned a body in the basement. The officers found Sandoval’s body in a box under the stairs. It was wrapped in 20-30″ layers of thick plastic, but liquid and insects still escaped the container. An officer said that there was a strong odor coming from the box and that the body was badly decomposed.

The body was taken from the home on West Lindsey Street and brought to a medical examiner’s office. The cause of death has yet to be determined.

Residents who live in the area are surprised that something like this has happened in their town. Genie Welbourne, a student who lives close to where the body was found says “that’s not something that, just like, happens in Norman, Oklahoma”

Margarita Sandoval, 19, disappeared back in 2018. Her body was just found in the basement of an Oklahoma home.
Margarita Sandoval, 19, disappeared back in 2018. Her body was just found in the basement of an Oklahoma home. Photo Credit: News9

Miguel Munoz, who lives at the home, was interviewed by police. He said he didn’t know that the body was there. He gave police permission to search the home. Munoz moved into the home in 2019 and he used to let his friend, Octavio Sanchez, 34, store things in the basement. He said he hasn’t seen Sanchez since March 2020. Sanchez is Margarita Sandoval’s brother.

In 2018, Sandoval claimed that her brother and sister-in-law were abusing her. At the time, she lived with her brother. Police did an investigation into the alleged abuse, but Margarita Sandoval refused to press charges. There were multiple abuse reports filed, the last one being on April 16, 2018.

The Norman police department wrote this statement regarding the abuse allegations. “We completed a thorough investigation into this report that included follow-ups from our agency. It was also referred to Adult Protective Services (APS). The victim declined to pursue charges. We did request that APS continue with its follow-up on the alleged situation.” Whether a follow-up was done is unknown.

Margarita Sandoval’s sister, Taylor Hearon, believes that her sister died because of money. Sandoval had special needs and was receiving monthly social security payments for her disability. Hearon believes that when Sandoval turned 18, multiple people tried to become her caretaker to receive those payments. After she disappeared, the payments were still being cashed.

“She was getting passed around. I did believe that as soon as Maggie turned 18, no one saw her but as a big dollar sign. Everyone let her down.” Her sister says that she should have known something was wrong when Sandoval stopped calling their mother. The last time Hearon heard from her sister was in 2018.

The police are conducting an ongoing investigation into the disappearance and death of Margarita Sandoval. Information is limited and no suspects have been identified.

“Due to the current status of the case, information is limited at this time,” said Sarah Jensen, spokesperson for the Norman Police Department. “Detectives are actively completing a thorough and detailed investigation. Once completed, we will present the case to the District Attorney’s office, who will review the case and file the appropriate charges.”