Mariska Hargitay confronted a disruptive singer during a Law & Order: SVU shoot and the viral video is sparking praise for the award-winning actress. The video has garnered over 40K views and close to 2,000 likes, with fans acknowledging how Hargitay refrained from aggression during the frustrating incident.

In the video, the Law & Order team was filming in Washington Square Park when a random man, who has not been named, started singing and interrupting the shot. Crew members couldn’t get him to stop, so Mariska Hargitay stepped in to quiet the disturbance.

The actress told the man that he had a lovely voice but explained that they were trying to film. She asked him if he could stop singing when they said action. The man, who was off-camera, seemed confused at first and sweetly asked Mariska if she was famous.

The actress laughed, said yes, and then promised that she would get him an autograph once they were finished up with the shoot. After Mariska Hargitay confronted the singer, she walked back to the set. The crowd couldn’t get over how nice the actress was, claiming that she was “so sweet,” and that they “love her.”

“I think he realized something was going on when everybody started filming her talking to him,” added Warren Leight, showrunner of the TV franchise who heard about the viral moment after the fact. “He looked around and was like, ‘Are you famous?’ And she goes, ‘Well, yeah, I guess so.’”

According to the person who posted the video, the singing man was intentionally trying to interrupt the filming and refused to stop when other crew members tried to ask him. Apparently, all it takes is the power of Mariska Hargitay to stop even the smallest “crime.”

Mariska Hargitay confronted a disruptive singer during filming of Law & Order and the video has gone viral. Fans can't get over how nice the actress is. (Credit: Instagram)
Mariska Hargitay confronted a disruptive singer during a Law & Order shoot, and the video has gone viral! Fans can’t get over how nice the actress is. (Credit: Instagram)

According to Leight, Mariska is always nice to fans of the show and regularly gives autographs and takes selfies in-between shoots. He jokingly claimed that if the actress wanted to run for New York mayor she’d probably win.

“She likes it. That’s why I said a lot of the No. 1s on the call sheet, the star of the show — most of those kinds of people don’t want to interact with hoi polloi, you know?” he said. “But she loves it.”

Warren Leight retweeted the viral video and said, “What other #1 on the call sheet could do this? We all love Mariska.”

Fans seemed to agree with Leight’s compliments of Mariska. Many took to Twitter and shared their own stories about the Law & Order actress.

Patrick Flynn wrote, “Years ago I was on the set, and someone kept taking flash pics. She did the same thing with them. Stepped up and was very lovely asking them to stop. Genuinely nice. Such a sweetheart, and afterward, she took a pic with me. :).”

Flynn even shared this gorgeous throwback photo of the amazing actress.

Mariska Hargitay, pictured in this amazing throwback photo with a fan, is known for being a kind actress. (Credit: Twitter)

Another person tweeted about the viral video and said, “Wow! I like her even more now!!! How nice is she? I don’t think I would have been as nice if he was annoying on purpose.”

Mariska Hargitay, who plays Olivia Benson on Law & Order, has been working with the TV show since it premiered in 1999. Her character quickly became a fan favorite and viewers have watched her climb up the ranks from detective to Captain over the last 23 seasons.

According to Warren Leight, each episode takes eight days to film and four of those days are on location in New York.

Because of her work and amazing character, Mariska has been nominated for eight Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe nominations. She was awarded one of each.