Police were called to the Marysville Hampton Inn in Ohio after reports of carbon monoxide poisoning. According to reports, 13 people received treatment, including a 2-year-old girl. Some remain in critical condition while police investigate this scary incident and determine what happened.

The first 911 call was received at 5:30 p.m. Saturday night. Callers reported that a little girl was found unconscious in the Ohio hotel swimming pool. Other calls quickly came in with reports of other unconscious people near the pool or individuals who felt dizzy and had a burning feeling in their throats.

“Shortly after this call, the local 911 Center received additional calls (referencing) unconscious subjects in and around the pool area,” Police Chief Tony Brooks told CNN in an email. “Others described symptoms such as dizziness and a burning in their throat.”

Marysville Fire Department and Marysville Police arrived at 16610 Square Dr. to help the individuals. Other departments were also called in to supply additional support. At this time, the cause of the carbon monoxide is unknown. The Ohio hotel has been evacuated and all devices that could be causing the high levels were shut off.

“We did have life threatening levels of carbon monoxide in the pool area of the hotel, and we transported several people to local hospitals,” Marysville Fire Chief Jay Riley told CNN via email. “We continue the investigation into the source and (are) glad that no one died as a result of their exposure.”

Marysville Hampton Inn Carbon Monoxide poisoning
13 people were hospitalized after they got carbon monoxide poisoning at the Hampton Inn in Marysville, Ohio. An exact source for the carbon monoxide has not been determined. (Credit: Marysville Hampton Inn.)

The 13 people include both adults and children, but officials have not released names or ages. Seven were taken to the hospital in critical condition, a total of nine were taken to local hospitals by emergency personnel. Five others went to the hospital on their own and two people were treated on the scene but didn’t require any hospitalization.

Two of the critical condition patients are now stabilized according to CNN.

Around 7:15 p.m. Saturday evening, Marysville Police Chief Tony Brooks confirmed that the 13 individuals were taken to either Memorial Health Hospital in Marysville or OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital in Delaware, Ohio. Other officials added that some of the patients taken to the hospital in Marysville were later transported to Columbus area hospitals for further treatment.

According to Haley Nelson, a reporter with WSYX6, the Marysville Hampton Inn shared the following statement with her regarding the carbon monoxide poisoning. They said, “The Hampton Inn Marysville is fully cooperating with the local authorities as they investigate this incident.  Please contact the Marysville Fire Department for additional information.”

Marysville Hampton Inn Carbon Monoxide poisoning
A hazmat situation happened at the Marysville Hampton Inn on Saturday. 13 people were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. A cause of the poisoning is unknown. Officers found the individuals near the swimming pool. (Credit: Twitter)

Since the terrifying hazmat incident, many people have taken to social media to offer support for the patients. According to Carl Eugene Harris Winfield, his family was staying at the hotel for a wrestling event the next day. He said, “So sad of events tonight, prayers needed for all the families up here in Marysville Hampton inn, we’re here on a wrestling event tomorrow and families are going to need help, so say prayers if you can, we are getting ppl sent over to our hotel from over there and the stories that’s what’s happening is so sad! Just pray these little kids don’t need this in their life.”

This is a developing story.