Matt Amodio is on a hot streak on Jeopardy! after claiming a spot in the top 10 highest winners in the game show’s history, the incredible Amodio hit a grand total of $362,400 on Tuesday’s episode, giving him the eighth-place spot in the rankings.

The Jeopardy! champ had his tenth straight win on Tuesday, beating out operations assistant Christina Leone and writer Harry Hannigan in the episode. He added $52,000 to his already large pot, marking him as a true contender on the show. He will have to continue his streak on Wednesday’s episode, beating an attorney from Florida and an environmental scientist from California.

Kevin Blum and Nicole Yuen will try to take the title from Amodio on Wednesday, but if the Ph.D. Student from New Haven, Connecticut continues playing as he has, it’ll be a tough show. Amodio’s impressive play is more than answering the right questions but wagering the right amount of cash.

During Tuesday’s stunning performance, Matt Amodio used a genius daily double to rack up a lot of money. He turned $13,000 into $26,000 after answering what fans call “a true daily double.” Wagering his entire bank, Amodio answered the “Australian History” question correctly, giving him a significant boost in the game.

“Australia became its own nation January 1, 1901, as the this of Australia. A word implying union for everyone’s good” was the question. Amodio gave the answer, “What’s commonwealth,” earning his $13,000 prize. By the end of the night, he had earned $52,000 and won his tenth episode in a row.

Matt Amodio is a true 'Jeopardy!' champion. He has won a total of $362,400 as of Tuesday night, solidifying his place in the top 10 highest winners in the game show's history.
Matt Amodio is a true ‘Jeopardy!’ champion. He has won a total of $362,400 as of Tuesday night, solidifying his place in the top 10 highest winners in the game show’s history. Photo Credit: Twitter (Presented are Amodio’s winnings before his Tuesday night appearance)

Amodio tweeted a clip from the unbelievable episode, showing his smart use of the daily double to hit a score miles above his competitors. “We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard,” Matt Amodio captioned the post. He joked, attributing the quote to “JFK (slightly misquoted).”

The Jeopardy! champ chewed out Arthur Chu ($298,200) and Seth Wilson ($265,002) to hit the eighth-place spot earlier this week. But Amodio needs another $48,600 to hit the next rank, which is currently held by Austin Rogers with $411,000. Matt Amodio is also a long way from the top spot, which is currently held by Brad Rutter with his astounding $4,876,036 in total winnings.

It’s completely possible for Matt Amodio to make it to the top, but he’ll have to beat game show legends in order to get there. Amodio will have to dethrone Ken Jennings from America’s The Chase ($2,520,700), and other winners like James Holzhauer ($2,464,216) and Jason Zuffranieri ($532,496). But Amodio is ready to take the lead.

In a tweet he posted on Tuesday night, Amodio explained the emotions he felt while on Tuesday’s episode. “Happiness, stress, happiness, stress…” the Jeopardy! champ admitted to his Twitter followers. Hopefully he doesn’t let those emotions cloud his quick wit in Wednesday’s episode. If he makes it out alive, he might just hit the next step on the rankings!

Despite his legendary earnings, there are some who have questioned the validity of Amodio’s wins. Fans of the historic game show pointed out that the contestant is fond of contractions. Matt Amodio has used the phrase “What’s” instead of “what is” during his legendary answers, and some fans wonder if that’s even allowed.

“What’s up with Matt Amodio?” the Jeopardy! Twitter account posted on Monday. “A lot of ‘what’s’ in his responses…”

The post linked to a blog post from the show which goes over Jeopardy! rules. According to the rulebook, “…all contestant responses to an answer must be phrased in the form of a question.” This means that while Amodio’s “what’s” is a unique response, it’s also “totally acceptable!”