Matt Doran landed in hot water during an interview with Adele after he admitted to the singer that he had not listened to her new album, 30. Some reports are saying that the British singer stormed out of the interview and was angry at Doran. The Australian TV reporter is denying that the singer left the interview and is giving his side of the story.

According to Doran, Adele didn’t storm out. He says that even though he admitted to not listening to her album that she stayed for the duration of the interview.

Sony, which owns the singer’s music, did pull the interview footage after the reporter’s blunder and is not allowing Matt Dornan or the producers at Australia’s Channel 7 to have any rights to the exclusive interview.

The overall rights package, which also included the interview, Adele’s Oprah Winfrey special One Night Only and a two hour comeback concert cost the news station $1 million Australian($725,000 American)

The interview would have been the first one-on-one talk with the singer for an Australian news network.

Doran has apologized for his blunder and said that he is mortified by his mistake. The news reporter said that he missed the email containing a pre-release of 30 during his flight from Australia to London.

“It was an oversight but not a deliberate snub,” Matt Doran said. “This is the most important email I have ever missed.”

Reports said that Adele stormed out after Matt Doran admitted that he hadn’t listened to her fourth album, 30. The Australian news reporter is now denying these claims. (Credit: Instagram)

Other reports said that Matt Doran was suspended from Australia’s Weekend Surprise following his massive mistake and the reporter spoke out to save his reputation. He said that he wasn’t “formally” suspended, but was off the air for two weeks following the interview.

Channel 7 thought it would see huge profits from his exclusive interview with Adele. The Australian news station flew the reporter and his crew over 10,000 miles to London for this exclusive talk with the singer. They were hoping that an interview with the 30 artist would push them ahead in the ratings against their competitor, Channel 9.

Now with the deal off the table, it is unclear if Sony will offer the package to any other Australian TV networks.

Many fans and fellow journalists are taking to social media and criticizing the Australian reporter for not doing his research ahead of the interview. Some are saying that he should be fired for his actions.

Writer Tarla Lambert feels Dornan should be let go. She said, “There are thousands upon thousands of highly qualified, talented reporters waiting in the wings who would kill for Matt Doran’s position. The fact that he thought it was reasonable to rock up to an interview with one of the world’s most influential women, and fail to ask her about her work, is reason enough to give one of these other young hopefuls a chance. This is privilege personified.”

Others are taking to social media and making fun of the strange situation. One person wrote, “Everyone ganging up on Matt Doran like they’ve never crashed a one million dollar interview before. Also, as some have said, there could be more to the story. For instance, what if he had been dared not to listen to the album? We just don’t know all the details yet.”

Despite the awful interview, Adele’s fourth album is soaring to the top of the charts. Music critics say her album is filled with honesty and love the emotion that she puts behind her songs.

One fan took to Twitter and said, “I can’t get enough of #adele30 it’s so emotionally brilliant and worth the 6 year wait.”