Cute, crazy or weird? Matthew Perry has been busy promoting his merch store on, and not all Friends fans are biting. Recently, the actor took to Twitter to promote a shirt encouraging Americans to get vaccinated. Playing off of one of his character’s famous lines in the show, a T-shirt says: “Could I Be Any More Vaccinated?”

It’s clear that the person who designed this shirt thought it would be an endearing way to encourage vaccination. But much of the fan feedback has been less than stellar.

Matthew Perry has an entire shop on devoted to Chandler Bing references. Featuring everything from adult hoodies to baby onesies, the shop seems fairly innocuous. But when the Friends actor tweeted about the Covid shirt, a follower responded: “Why would I give a multi-millionaire even more money?”

Some fans have questioned the timing of Matthew Perry’s product, a shirt that encourages vaccinations but does not donate to any Covid-related field. The unisex T-shirt, which costs $26.99, is described as “Matthew Perry’s limited edition collection is here! Now back out into the world!!….or stay in and binge-watch Friends again! 🙂 This drop is only available for a short time so pick up the whole store and gear up for the reunion!! We’re not excited at all….. *sarcasm*.”

In between comments from excited fans came critics. One person said, “Mathew Perry needs to seek psychological help we list so many people due to the Covid Virus That actors and the general population should not profit at anybody’s expense.”

Another complained, “Making money from a t-shirt relating to vaccines is in bad taste. Could I BE any more annoyed.”

The critics imply that Matthew Perry is making money off of the world’s suffering and that selling a vaccination shirt is in poor taste. Due to the empty “About” section on Perry’s website, many assume that the profits are going directly to him rather than helping people affected by the pandemic.

His Instagram announcement of the shirt received even more hate than his post on Twitter. Among the positive comments came several negative ones, some even calling Perry out for “monetizing their sudden rise in popularity because of the reunion. Just capitalism at work here, nothing new.”

Others wrote “Disappointed” and “I love you but this shirt is not it.”

Despite his beloved co-star Jennifer Aniston liking his post, Matthew Perry is still being slammed. The product will not be available until June 14, and a clock counts down the hours until fans can track their shirt being shipped. Based on the mixed reviews Matthew Perry received, it is unclear how successful the launch will be.

Of course, some fans are just as excited for the merchandise as they are for the reunion of Friends. People shared their own vaccination stories in Matthew Perry’s comments and played off the slogan to say, “Could you BE any cuter?”

The Reunion special can be seen on HBO Max starting today.