McDonald’s workers can now earn child care while working, in an attempt by the fast food giant to woo staff during a worker shortage. The fast food chain announced that they will be offering tuition assistance, emergency child care benefits, and other perks in the hopes that it will attract more workers.

While McDonald’s stores are mainly independent franchises, (stores owned and operated by an individual instead of the national company), corporate says that they will support the improvements with a multi-million dollar investment. This money from corporate will also go toward benefits such as paid vacation time and higher wages for new and existing employees.

McDonald's is looking to attract new employees by providing child care and tuition benefits
McDonald’s is looking to attract new employees by providing child care and tuition benefits

The child care and tuition program will be a pilot program for now, and the company will offer it in select locations to see how it is received by workers. Since the start of the pandemic, many companies have been offering benefits like on-site daycare and babysitting, since school closures forced parents to decide between work or looking after their own children.

The company announced in May that wages would increase in some locations by 10 percent. Based on location, entry-level employees could be looking at an hourly wage of 11 to 17 dollars. This wage may increase even more and by 2024, the company is expected to pay their employees 15 dollars an hour.

McDonald’s U.S. President, Joe Erlinger, made a statement saying, “Together with our franchisees, we face a challenging hiring environment, and staying ahead means we must constantly renew our commitment to offer one of the leading employment packages in the industry.”

These changes don’t just come out of nowhere. The company spent the last year interviewing nearly 5,000 employees and asking what they wanted to see in McDonald’s. Some of the suggestions included job flexibility, increased training, as well as better pay and benefits.

With the world slowly opening back up, the restaurant industry has found itself in a labor shortage. Many people have not returned to work and restaurants are struggling to meet the customer demand. Fast food chains have started to offer incentives for new employees.

The fast food chain often helps those in need. Since 1974, the company has supported the Ronald McDonald House, which is a non-profit organization that provides support to children and families battling cancer. The organization supplies housing for families so they can be located close to their sick children. Instead of spending all their time traveling and dealing with hotel bills, the parents are able to focus on their child’s wellbeing.

When it comes to their tuition assistance program, the company hopes that it will be beneficial to its workers. The Archways to Opportunity program offers different levels of support for different types of employees and includes easy steps to determine how to get assistance.

McDonald’s isn’t simply looking to be ahead of its fast food competitors. The company also wants to improve the lives of its employees. Child care and tuition assistance are small steps toward making sure everyone who steps into McDonald’s is “Lovin’ It.”