An emerald, a diamond and thorns, oh my! Fans can’t stop buzzing about Megan Fox’s gorgeous engagement ring from Machine Gun Kelly. And we can’t blame them. It’s incredible!

MGK says that the diamond and emerald ring represents him and Megan’s two souls coming together. In an Instagram video he said, “I know tradition is one ring, but I designed it with Stephen Webster to be two: the emerald [her birth stone] and the diamond [my birth stone] set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love.”

The two-stoned ring is crafted in a style similar to 15th century jewelry and also has the day MGK proposed engraved on the band, January 11, 2022. According to Webster, the rockstar, “wanted something that was completely original and meaningful to both Megan and himself.”

Webster spoke to Vogue and said, “He fed me lots of material in an almost lyrical form. I used this to create the two rings which become one. I used magnets embedded in the gold to attract the two rings together when worn as one. Possibly the most romantic story I have had to work with.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly both announced the engagement on their Instagrams. Megan, who posted a video of MGK getting down on one knee, said that the place where he proposed was under the same tree where they sat last year and wished for magic.

She said, “We were oblivious to the pain we would face together in such a short, frenetic period of time. Unaware of the work and sacrifices the relationship would require from us but intoxicated off of the love. And the karma. Somehow a year and a half later, having walked through hell together, and having laughed more than I ever imagined possible, he asked me to marry him. And just as in every lifetime before this one, and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes.”

At the end of her post, the Transformers actress said that they sealed their engagement by drinking each other’s blood.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are engaged! The couple posted about the gorgeous engagement ring on Instagram and shared the special meaning behind the design. (Credit: Instagram)
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are engaged! The couple posted about the gorgeous engagement ring on Instagram and shared the special meaning behind the design. (Credit: Instagram)

Since the couple announced their engagement, many experts have been trying to guess how much the huge engagement ring is worth. Jewelry designer Mark Broumand, estimated $300,000, if both stones are 6-carats and high quality.

“This Toi et Moi style has a very unique look,” he said in a statement. “The gorgeous white diamond and green emerald really compliment each other. The two pear-shaped gemstones, a timeless cut that dates back to the 15th century, are showcased in a multi split shank design featuring round diamonds in a pave setting set on platinum.”

Kathryn Money, another jewelry expert, guessed that the stunning ring is worth between $300,000 and $400,000, depending on the quality of the stones.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly met in March 2020 on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass. At the time, Megan was still married to her husband of 10 years, Brian Austin Green. Divorce rumors started swirling in May 2020 and Megan and MGK confirmed their new relationship in June 2020.

According to the couple, they felt an immediate connection when they first met. Megan has said that they are “twin flames,” and believe that they have been together in previous lifetimes.

In a joint interview with MGK, she said, “I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame. Instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So, we’re actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately, because I felt it right away.”

Machine Gun Kelly said that while the couple was on set, he would regularly stand outside his trailer and try to catch a glimpse of Megan Fox. According to the singer, he thought she had the most amazing eyes.

Megan Fox shares three children with her ex-husband, Noah Shannon, 7, Bodhi Ransom, 6, and Journey River, 3. This will be Machine Gun Kelly’s first marriage, but the rapper does have a daughter, Casie, from a previous relationship.