Despite previous reports, Meghan Markle may not accompany Prince Harry to London for the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue. A source close to the former royals has since refuted the assertion that Meghan will fly to the UK for the ceremony to honor her husband’s late mother. 

In an exclusive report by Radar Online, it was claimed that Meghan Markle would be “a secret guest” at the unveiling next month, citing an insider close to the situation. The insider then explained that Meghan would support Harry through the difficult process of attending the ceremony, knowing other royals would be present. 

“Meghan knows how hard it was to attend his grandfather’s funeral alone and doesn’t want that to happen again,” the insider claimed. “Harry was given the cold shoulder by most of his relatives, with several refusing to talk to him or even make eye contact.”

The source revealed that there were secret plans in the works for Meghan to exit maternity leave for the ceremony, especially since relations between the Sussexes and the royal family “have got worse, not better,” according to the source. “You can only imagine how he will be treated at the big event on July 1st.”

Will Meghan Markle stand by Prince Harry at the Princess Diana statue unveiling on July 1st? Reports contradict!
Will Meghan Markle stand by Prince Harry at the Princess Diana statue unveiling on July 1st? Reports contradict! Photo Credit: Harry/Instagram

The event has been meticulously planned by the Cambridges, who call Kensington Palace home, and Harry and Meghan are aware Kate Middleton, Prince William, and their children will be spotlighted during the unveiling. It was alleged that Meghan, despite having a baby a month prior, would fly with Prince Harry to make things easier on him. That, however, has apparently been debunked by another source.

According to a contradicting report by The Mirror, Meghan Markle is staying behind ahead of the July 1st trip, letting Prince Harry fend for himself at Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden during the Princess Diana statue unveiling. “Meghan is not going to travel,” the source said. “She has just had a baby and Harry will travel alone.”

Meghan Markle just had a baby! It's unlikely that she would leave her daughter behind to fly to the UK.
Meghan Markle just had a baby! It’s unlikely that she would leave her daughter behind to fly to the UK. Photo Credit: Harry/Instagram

It certainly seemed odd that less than a month after giving birth to daughter Lilibet, Meghan would fly across the world, even for such a noble cause. Harry will likely be giving his speech alone and will eat one-on-one with Queen Elizabeth, per a Daily Mail report.

The lunch is “a typically magnanimous gesture by Her Majesty,” a courtier explained. “The lunch will be a chance for them to talk things through.”

So, with two conflicting accounts, royal followers are curious whether Meghan Markle will travel, or stay behind with Archie and Lili, and let Harry fend for himself. Though it would be cool to see Meghan back up her man, it’s looking like Meghan will skip the plane ride and stay in California.

ITV Royal Producer Lizzie Robinson declared on Twitter that “Meghan will not fly to the UK to join Harry for the unveiling of a statue of his late mother Princess Diana on July 1st.” However, Lizzie didn’t get that news straight from the horse’s mouth. Instead, she’s relying on a source close to the Sussexes.

The official answer won’t be revealed until the July 1 ceremony. It’s too soon for Lili to join her mother on the plane, so Meghan will have to decide whether to leave her baby or leave Harry alone with his family. Until that moment, though, it’s all speculation. If Meghan were to support Harry, this would be the time to do it.

Tensions between Harry and the royal family have not calmed down since Megxit, especially with the recent drama surrounding his newborn’s name. Lilibet was chosen to represent Queen Elizabeth’s childhood nickname, but reports claim the Sussexes decided on the name before asking for permission, an action that was not well received by the royals in Buckingham Palace, according to reports.

So it’s anyone’s guess if Meghan Markle will follow Prince Harry to London, facing the tension and long-standing drama between him, his brother William, and the rest of the royal family.