A 13-year-old boy was shot at a Memphis school shooting on Thursday morning. The victim’s identity has not been revealed by authorities. He is at a nearby hospital in critical but stable condition, according to ABC News.

Occurring at Cummings Elementary in Memphis, Tenn., police were on the lookout for a “male juvenile” gunman before the alleged shooter turned himself in. Officers reported that no other students were injured in the shooting.

Officers were clearing the Cummings K-8 Shelby County school when the shooter attempted to flee in a vehicle before he surrendered. No motive is available at this time. It is unclear why the gunman opened fire in the school or if he had any prior relationship with the 13-year-old boy he shot. The shooter’s identity has not been released by authorities. Officers did reveal, however, that the suspect was another student at the school.

The school was placed on lockdown and parents were notified of the situation. Students at Cummings Elementary were moved to Metropolitan Baptist Church at 767 Walker Ave near the school. Parents were asked to bring investigation as they came to pick up their children.

“There’s no way a child should have a gun. This must stop,” said Shelby County School Superintendent Joris Ray.

Joris Ray said the school had just gone through active shooter training and that they randomly search students with a metal detector.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this student and the student,” said Jerica Philips, Shelby County school spokeswoman.

The 13-year-old boy was quickly transported to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital where doctors are helping him recover from a critical condition. It is unknown where the boy was shot.

“Today, a child has been critically injured from a gunshot wound while in school,” Memphis Mayor Lee Harris wrote on Twitter. “We pray for the victim of this most recent shooting and all the young people who faced this unthinkable trauma. We also pray for the wisdom and courage needed to begin to curb gun violence.”

“If we could demonstrate an ounce of the courage shown by the first responders who risk their lives when they answer these calls, we could do it,” Mayor Harris pleaded. “It’s past time.”

Officers were later seen at a house on North Dunlap in North Memphis, which reporters believe to be associated with the case.

“It’s very early in the investigation,” said Memphis Assistant Chief of Police Don Crowe. “We know there’s many many questions, especially motive and why. It’s way too early in the investigation to begin that but we have detectives on the scene.”

According to local NBC-affiliate KGET, Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich said on Wednesday that juvenile defendants accounted for four murders, six sexual assaults of minors, and 19 incidents involving threats with a deadly weapon.

The authorities encourage anyone with information on the Memphis school shooting to contact them immediately.

The Memphis school shooting on Thursday follows last week’s Tennessee shooting at a Kroger supermarket, which killed one person and injured another 14 people. The incident occurred in Coillerville, Tenn., just a half-hour drive’s east of Memphis, where the Cummings Elementary School shooting happened Thursday morning.

Coillerville’s Police Chief called the Kroger shooting the “most horrific event” in the town’s history.

“I am grateful for the fast-acting school staff members and first responders who worked to keep our children safe today and we are praying for this child to make a full recovery,” Tennessee Senator Raumesh Akbari said of the Memphis school shooting. “Preventable gun violence like this traumatizes every student, teacher and staff member in the school family. As a community, we must say, ‘Never again.'”