Hours before Gabby Petito went missing, her boyfriend Brian Laundrie was seen arguing at a Wyoming Restaurant. In new accounts from a New Orleans couple who witnessed the spat, Brian Landrie was reportedly involved in an “explosive” fight at the Jackson Hole eatery.

“I have chills right now,” witness Nina Celie Angelo told Fox News. “It’s crazy because it wasn’t just like we passed them on the street — it was a full blown incident.”

For the past two weeks, the nation has been glued to the case of Gabby Petito, the 22-year-old missing girl whose boyfriend has gone into hiding.

On Tuesday, it was revealed through conversations with Gabby’s mother Nichole Schmidt that the couple’s relationship may have been more “toxic” than initially described. With new revelations from witnesses at Merry Piglets, the Tex Mex Restaurant in Wyoming where Brian allegedly fought with employees, Gabby Petito’s boyfriend might have been a more volatile person on their cross-country van trip.

Out to lunch at the restaurant, witness Nina Celie Angelo said that she and her boyfriend, Matthew England, were in town for a wedding, when she saw a waitress visibly agitated in a fight with Brian Laundrie.

Calling his behavior “aggressive,” she remembered thinking that the fight was over the check and that Gabby Petito even came inside to apologize for her boyfriend’s behavior.

A manager at Merry Piglets said that the restaurant was very busy over the summer and could not recall the incident.

After seeing reports of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie’s disturbing story, the witness remembered the argument at the Tex Mex Restaurant and posted the lengthy story on her Instagram page.

“I spent the last three or four days really kind of racking my brain,” Nina’s boyfriend Matthew England told Fox News. “And I woke up this morning and went to Facebook, and there was that video with the police on it right away. That was the couple.”

“I’m 1,000% sure that was him and that was her,” he said, “I would bet $10 million.” He also said that he still has the receipts to prove that he and Nina were at the restaurant.

Brian Laundrie has been missing ever since returning home without Gabby Petito. Newly uncovered messages on his Pinterest page have angered critics even more.

Brian Laundrie's ominous Pinterest post mentions "don't try to find me"
Brian Laundrie’s ominous Pinterest post mentions “don’t try to find me.” Photo Credit: Pinterest

“Don’t try to find me,” he allegedly wrote one month ago. “I have finally escaped my ‘master’s’ wicked clutches.”

The reports, which were published by The Sun, reportedly come from the Pinterest page @blaundrie1197, and are unconfirmed. Another post from the same user title “My Baby” read, “she’ll never find a sweet man like me.”

In order to find Brian Laundrie’s location, law enforcement in Florida has sent a diving team into the water of a local nature reserve. According to reports, Brian told his parents that he was heading toward the a swampy, 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve in Venice, Fl. last week.

Called the Sheriff’s Underwater Recovery Force (SURF), the Florida dive team is made up of “highly trained underwater specialists” who are normally “called upon to search for evidence of crimes and victims of drowning, water accidents and foul play.”

“These divers are specifically trained and very talented in low visibility bodies of water,” said Sarasota County Sheriff’s office spokesperson Kaitlyn Perez. “They dive down where you and I can’t see anything at all. They utilize technology and other special equipment to help them get down deep into really deep bodies of water, so they’re out there right now to recover whatever it is that they might find.”

After human remains were identified as Gabby Petito on Tuesday, the search for Brian Laundrie is that much more pressing. The coroner made the decision Tuesday night that Gabby and Brian’s case should be ruled as a homicide.