Mia Khalifa’s Twitter feed exploded this weekend when she posted a photo of herself sipping Nazi-era champagne underneath the caption: “My wine is older than your apartheid ‘state.’” The sentiments did not go over well for the crowd, who began bashing the former porn star in the Twitter comments.

The photo of Khalifa and the “Nazi era” champagne went viral for its anti-Israel sentiments, which arrived after the conflict in Israel and Gaza escalated into an 11-day war. Though a ceasefire has prevented ongoing slaughter on both sides, many people have continued to use their voices to share their dismay.

Like many who have been sharing their viewpoint, whether pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli, Mia Khalifa did not get a warm welcome. Instead her tweet, which pointed a finger at the Jewish state’s treatment of the Gaza people, became the subject of debate.

“Put aside this is Vichy wine,” Jonah Goldberg, the editor-in-chief at The Dispatch, replied. “I love how Israel haters cast It as young. Yes, the modern state of Israel was founded in ‘48 — but that’s 10 years *before* Iraq’s founding and five before Egypt’s. The *nation* of Israel (and Egypt) are *very* old.”

This wasn’t Khalifa’s first internet brawl due to the conflict in Israel. A few weeks ago, Mia Khalifa called Gal Gadot a “genocide barbie” when the actress shared her pro-Israel sentiments during the height of the violence.

Mia Khalifa is blasted on Twitter for an anti-Israeli tweet. Photo Credit: Khalifa/Instagram

That didn’t stop haters from bashing Khalifa when her own tweet arrived. “Your sh—y group of terrorists has never won a war in the entire time that bottle of wine existed,” Kurt Schlichter, a Townhall contributor commented.

“These viral ‘my gran is older than Israel’ type tweets are rather amusing,” Investigative journalist, David Collier, wrote. “A sneeze may only exist for a second – but this is still a second longer than any Palestinian state has ever been in existence.”

Though some replies were aimed at the political bent of her tweet, others pointed to the former porn star herself. “She should try drinking that wine in Gaza and see how fast she flees to Tel Aviv,” British commentator Darren Grimes tweeted.

Another person pointed out that “Israel is the only country in the Middle East where you wouldn’t be stoned to death in the street.” Mia Khalifa famously received death threats from ISIS for an adult video she filmed in a hijab. Several commentators pointed out that Khalifa is defending a place that would likely shun her for her past profession.

“I’ll take my chances in Saudi and Syria,” Khalifa replied. “That ‘born in: Lebanon’ on my passport wouldn’t go over well in ‘Israel.’”

It didn’t take long for Khalifa to share another tweet, in an attempt to double-down on her previous anti-Israel tweet. The second tweet includes four pictures of Khalifa holding a cigarette. In each subsequent photo, Khalifa looks increasingly shocked. The “meme” attempt was posted under the caption: “When you’re vibing and hear someone call the apartheid in Palestine a ‘war.’”

Haters were just as upset about this tweet. Though many were upset at the careless attempt at undermining Israel, others were still frustrated with Khalifa’s choice of wine, pointing to her original tweet in the comments.

“You’re drinking wine made in 1943 Nazi-occupied France while denying thousands of years of Jewish history in our ancestral homeland. Glad you found the perfect pairing for your antisemitism!,” Hen Mazzig wrote on Twitter. Mazzig is the son of an Iraqi refugee and is known as an influential Israeli writer, speaker, and activist.

Another person replied to Khalifa’s wine post, saying “’Your’ wine is actually the wine of Western geniuses who created it before scumbags like you were even imagined living amongst civilized peoples. Then you came along, took your clothes off, convinced barbarians to pay you for it, and bought a product of Western civ. Great dunk!”

Mia Khalifa has continued the defense of her original tweet, but Twitter isn’t changing its stance. “It’s not antisemitic you dumb f–k,” she replied to one tweet marking her as a Jew-hater. “I’ll argue with anyone and everyone, I’m an equal opportunity cyberbully!!!” Though she jokes, Khalifa has dug herself into a pit that will be very difficult to escape from.

Khalifa’s rise to social media stardom came shortly after her porn star career took off. With 3.7 million Twitter followers and over 20 million Instagram followers, Khalifa is a voice on multiple social media platforms. Many just wish she used her influence for less-controversial causes.