Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah were spotted in New York City last Sunday and fans are wondering if they’re back together or just friends.

Questions of them getting back together first started in late May when the pair were seen kissing and cuddling on vacation in St. Barts. This weekend’s outing makes the rumors about their potential romance grow.

Since their breakup in early May, people have been wondering if the pair would cross paths again. A source told Entertainment Weekly that Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are taking things day by day. They’re spending more time together and are both happy. Their feelings for each other never really went away and after taking some space, they realized they missed each other.”

The couple broke up after dating for nearly a year. Last August, the pair were said to be “very serious,” despite never confirming or denying the status of their relationship. Photos of the couple outside of Trevor Noah’s apartment last September showed Minka Kelly with quite a lot of luggage.

“It’s reported the two started dating pre-pandemic. We aren’t sure how they met, as there is only a baby’s whisper of gossip at this time, but rumor has it that they have been quarantining together at Trevors’ Manhattan pad.” He had even purchased a house for the couple to share, and it was rumored that the couple was making plans for the future. It came as quite a surprise when they decided to take a break. It is unclear why the couple broke up in the first place.

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly both have a love of activism. Minka has voiced her opinions on voice participation while also serving as an ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). During the last year of the pandemic, Trevor has used his Daily Show platform to talk about Black Lives Matter, equality and other important political issues. Mostly recently, he called out CNN reporter Michael Holmes for the bias he showed towards the current conflicts in Nigeria.

Trevor Noah calls out CNN reporter’s bias towards the conflict in Nigeria during his The Daily Show programming

On Sunday, the gorgeous couple was seen biking, taking a walk and having dinner together. And according to TMZ, they spent most of the weekend together. Trevor, host of The Daily Show, smiled big for paparazzi while taking a walk with Minka. He even had a chance to give some finger guns to the camera!

Minka Kelly was wearing a beautiful orange dress that matched Trevor’s phone case. Don’t you love it when couples match their outfits?

Minka is known for highly publicized relationships. Before Trevor Noah, Minka’s last relationship was with Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams in 2017. She also famously dated Derek Jeter. Trevor is less public about his past relationships. Before he dated Minka Kelly, he was involved with singer and model Jordyn Taylor. The pair quietly ended their relationship in 2018 after they grew apart.

We still don’t know whether Minka and Trevor are just friends or if there is romance blooming. According to a source close to the couple, they are not “officially back together,” but they are taking this time to figure out their relationship. Pictures taken from their weekend outing showed that they were very happy spending time together. So only time will tell.