Miranda Delee Farleigh was arrested in Central Florida after it was discovered that she was stealing mail during her post office route. The postal worker was charged with mail theft and the investigation into her crime is still ongoing.

Reports say that Farleigh stole over 4,000 pieces of mail and specifically targeted holiday cards that could contain cash or gift cards. The 25-year-old worked on a private USPS contract out of the Lady Lake Post Office for the past six years.

According to her parents, who are also postal workers and own the contract that Miranda Delee Farleigh was working out of, they realized that their daughter was stealing mail when they found opened packages and letters in her room back in November.

Her mother said that she found “several tubs and bags of” mail that “had been rifled (unlawfully opened)” in Miranda’s bedroom. Additional open packages were found in the young woman’s car.

The young woman confessed to the crime, which had been going on for over a month, and admitted that a heroin addiction caused her to steal. Farleigh’s mother released her daughter of her postal duties and was able to return some of the mail to the post office.

“Miranda Farleigh admitted to me that she had been rifling mail containing greeting cards in order to steal currency and/or gift cards,” according to U.S. Postal Inspector David Keith. “Farleigh confessed that while she had been working in the official capacity as a mail carrier, she had targeted the outgoing mail that was dropped off by residents in The Villages.”

The Villages are a retirement home that was on Miranda Delee Farleigh’s postal route. A lot of the mail that she stole was from the elderly residents that lived there. One of the victims, who is listed as R.D. in court documents, found 13 of his packages in Farleigh’s car. Five of those discovered were holidays cards meant for his grandchildren.

The victim said that he had placed $20 in each card, but when investigators got to the mail, the money had been removed. At this time, it is unclear how much money was stolen by the Florida postal worker.

If found guilty of mail theft, Miranda Delee Farleigh could face up to five years in prison. Her parents and her lawyer haven’t commented on the case.

This is not the only mail crime that has happened recently. Packages have been found dumped across the country. Most recently, over 600 Amazon packages were found dumped 30 miles outside of Oklahoma City. According to reports, three Amazon employees have been accused stealing the packages and dumping them for later.

This mail theft scheme was discovered on New Year’s Eve and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office are working with USPS and Amazon to get the packages back to the original owners

The packages were supposed to be delivered by Christmas Day and the three individuals have been charged with 15 counts of felony embezzlement and possession of stolen property. Stolen packages were also found at one of the suspect’s homes. The three suspects have not been named, but two of them are drivers with Amazon.

“Someone had removed the items they wanted and discarded the rest,” the Oklahoma County sheriff’s office said. “(Apparently the thief isn’t much of a reader…the books that were being delivered were left behind).”

The New Year’s dumping was the third incident of stolen packages to happen in recent months. In December and November, two different FedEx employees were accused of dumping packages in Alabama and North Carolina. According to the Alabama FedEx worker, he was dealing with some personal issues that caused him to dump the packages.