Turns out Brady, Miranda Hobbes’ teenage son, is the only one getting sex in the Sex and the City reboot series And Just Like That…and parents aren’t happy about it!

“The new Samantha,” as one fan quipped, is 17-year-old Brady Hobbes. Parents, who were once fans of the show, certainly expected Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte to be getting sex. But a teenager? Fans aren’t applauding the decision.

In the premiere of the new series, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) confesses to her friends over brunch that she “stepped on a used condom in Brady’s room this morning,” later adding that she “was barefoot at the time” when the first comment doesn’t illicit a horrifying reaction.

“Now, go,” a disgusted Charlotte responds, “Eww!”

Fans and parents were shocked to witness the episode, as Brady Hobbes (Niall Cunningham) has entered a rebellious, hot and heavy relationship with his on-screen girlfriend Luisa (Cree Cicchino). Miranda has also let her son’s girlfriend sleep over regularly, in a house that apparently has no boundaries.

“And just like that, they made me watch Brady, Miranda’s son who i’ve known since the day he was born, have sex with his gf,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Please take it back!!”

“I was at his christening for crying out loud!” another fan responded.

Dividing fans with varying parenting styles, many wrote on social media about that kind of relationship would never fly under their roof, while others simply commented about how odd it was that And Just Like That… only had teenage sex so far.

The 'Sex and the City' stars are back for 'And Just Like That,' with Miranda's son getting a larger role in the revival series
The ‘Sex and the City’ stars are back for ‘And Just Like That,’ with Miranda’s son getting a larger role in the revival series. Photo Credit: HBO

“I’m not feel’n the way Miranda and Steve’s son, Brady is allowed to have his girlfriend spend the night at the house and having sex,” one fan commented on Twitter. “I guess I’m ‘ole school.”

“I can’t get passed the fact that Miranda and Steve are just letting Brady have sex in their house like that,” another commenter said.

Writing for Parents.com, Lisa Milbrand argued that while her parenting methods could be viewed as progressive, it’s clear that the “teen sex” drama is being played up for the series, especially as Miranda herself is going back to school.

“Set some boundaries already, Miranda,” she wrote for Parents.com. “Maybe don’t let Brady’s girlfriend [sleep over] if you’re not comfortable with it? Even the coolest moms I know would definitely nip that in the bud.”

Later in the episode, Miranda tells Carrie and Charlotte that she “can’t always be the bad guy.”

Miranda has teased a new relationship with a character named Che, which may blossom more as she decides to leave her husband, but fans may not be ready to lose two major SATC men just so soon.

“I don’t know if my heart can take another classic SATC couple ending,” Rachel Varina wrote for Elite Daily. “While a Miranda-Che shippage is already happening, might I instead suggest a throuple or poly situation?… Maybe this way, fans can have their Che but keep Steve too.”

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) will also be newly single after grieving the death of her husband, Mr. Big, who controversially died of cardiac arrest after working out on his Peloton exercise bike. The scene not only angered fans but tanked Peloton’s stock, forcing the company to throw together a quick commercial featuring Mr. Big actor, Chris Noth.

Fans may not have to wait long to move on from Brady Hobbes’ sexual focus, however. The SATC women seem to be inching toward getting their grooves back later in December.

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