Anastasia Lenna, former Miss Ukraine, is fighting for Ukraine during the Russian invasion. The former beauty queen has taken to Instagram to document joining the military. She says she and other citizens have decided to fight and defend their homeland.

“Everyone who crosses the Ukrainian border with the intent to invade will be killed!” said a post translated into English on Saturday. The message included a photo of soldiers blocking a roadway in Ukraine. Other posts show Anastasia Lenna posing with guns and dressed in military garb.

The former Miss Grand International also joked: “Our [Ukraine’s] army is fighting in such a way that NATO should apply for entry into Ukraine.”

In an Instagram photo of Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his army, she called the foreign leader “a true and strong leader.” She also posted information about donations for Ukraine on her Instagram story. The 24-year-old urged over 122K followers to support and donate to Ukraine’s cause.

Anastasia Lenna Miss Ukraine
Anastasia Lenna, former Miss Ukraine, joined her country’s military and is fighting against Russia. The 24-year-old posts updates on her Instagram. (Credit: Instagram).

Before the Ukraine attack, Anastasia Lenna regularly posted photos of herself holding guns, but those weapons were airsoft and used for recreational shooting. The 24-year-old was crowned Miss Ukraine in 2015 and previously worked as a public relations manager and model in Turkey, according to her Miss Grand International profile.

She graduated from Slavistik University in Kyiv with a degree in marketing and management. Her profile said, “God give me this beauty for the reason. So, I use it all the ways. Acting and TV hosting. People listen to me and come to talk to me. Some kind of way I find a good relationship with everybody. I am calm down pleasant person. My friends take a big place in my life. They are my real support my soul and my passion.”

Anastasia Lenna Miss Ukraine
Anastasia Lenna and other Ukraine citizens have joined the military to fight for their country. Lenna is a former beauty queen and was crowned Miss Ukraine in 2015. (Credit: Instagram)

Anastasia Lenna is hardly the only citizen who has joined the Ukraine military in recent days. Many other citizens have made the news after they decided to take up arms for their country.

Most recently, Ukraine Parliament member Kira Rudik posted a photo on Twitter of herself holding a gun. She talked about how she is organizing resistance groups against Russia’s attack.

She said, “I learn to use #Kalashnikov and prepare to bear arms. It sounds surreal as just a few days ago it would never come to my mind. Our #women will protect our soil the same way as our #men. Go #Ukraine!”

She later spoke to India Today to voice her frustrations about the war. She said, “I was very very angry when the war started. I am still very angry. I still don’t understand how the neighboring country [Russia] and Putin can deny Ukraine the right to exist, and I am very angry that I am being made to leave my town and my family is threatened and we are all put under threat just because the crazy dictator is telling us so.”

“I am protecting my family and I am organizing the resistance group that is fighting Russians on our streets because they need to go back to where they came from our soil because we are an independent country and will protect our sovereignty no matter what, because I want my children to live in Ukraine that I’m building for them not some Vladimir Putin,” she added.

Russian forces attacked the city of Kyiv four days ago. Despite heavy fighting on both sides, the city has not fallen. Russia and the Ukraine are scheduled to discuss peace talks near the Ukraine border by Belarus.