The season finale of The Bachelorette is set to air in a couple weeks, and fans can’t wait to see who gets the final rose.

Last night’s fantasy suite episode sent Joe packing. Nayte Olukoya finally proved to Michelle that he is ready for a forever life with her, and Brandon opened up to Michelle in a dramatic speech in front of the two other guys.

While some fans still believe The Bachelorette race is too tight to call, many believe the final rose was set in stone from the beginning. Are the rumors true?


According to spoilers, Michelle Young will get engaged to Nayte Olukoya and give him her final rose.

Reality Steve, Bachelor Nation guru and blogger, revealed in October that Nayte will win Season 18. According to Steve, the winner was confirmed by his inside source. He said, “The main thing you want to know is what happened at the end, right? Well, I got that for you. Had heard rumblings since the season ended but got the confirmation, I needed the end of last week. Michelle is engaged to Nayte Olukoya.”

In recent updates, Reality Steve said that the couple is still together. On Nov. 9 he wrote, “Michelle picks Nayte at the end and they’re engaged. The end.” According to the blogger, many of his followers had been doubting his spoilers, even though he tends to be right most of the time.

On Dec. 1, the blogger wrote, “People dissect anything they can on the show and post-show, but just wanted to let you know, nothing has changed. Michelle and Nayte are engaged.”

Are Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young still together? Early spoilers for The Bachelorette revealed the couple got engaged. (Credit: Instagram)

Fans are thrilled that Nayte is going to be the winner of Michelle’s season, because their chemistry has been off the charts since Episode 1. Who can forget the sweet kiss they shared after Michelle gave Nayte her first impression rose?

The Bachelorette has also gushed about how attractive Nayte is. Michelle told Entertainment Weekly all about her decision for the first impressions rose and said, “I’m not a love-at-first-sight [person but was] honestly very attracted to him as he came out of the limo,” Michelle said. “I think the biggest part was when we sat down, we just had a natural conversation. That’s kind of where that rose came from.”

Other hints that Michelle and Nayte are getting engaged at the end of the season are more subtle. Nayte is the only contestant that Michelle’s sister-in-law follows on Instagram and some Reddit Bachelor Nation fans have found that both Michelle and Nayte have been watching the same fan Instagram stories!

One fan wrote on Nayte’s Instagram and said, “I need Nayte to win the whole thing, and if he doesn’t, I’m calling bs. They are literally perfect together. They can actually end the show here.”

Fans want to know if Nayte Olukoya won Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette. Will the couple get engaged during the season finale? (Credit: Instagram)

Nayte has also been very open about his attraction to Michelle on and off screen. On his Instagram, The Bachelorette contestant has been posting sweet tributes to Michelle and loves to post photos of them together.

In one post he said, “I agree with Alli, I love the way Michelle and I look at each other too.” While the two other contestants also post photos about their dates with Michelle, fans are getting the vibe that there is something different about Nayte’s posts. Are these the words of a man in love?

During an episode of the Bachelor Nation podcast, Nayte explained his feelings after the first impressions kiss and fans were gushing at his sweet words. He said, “She kissed me, and you see that genuine reaction where I was not expecting that, but boy am I ever happy,” Nayte said. “I remember I joked with her, like, you just opened up a can of worms because every time I see you now, I’m gonna want to kiss you.”

With all of this evidence pointing to an engagement for Nayte and Michelle, fans can’t wait for the Season 18 finale on Dec. 21.

Do you think Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young will stay together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!