Nigel Brown was killed late Sunday night while sleeping soundly in his Albany, Georgia home. Police say an unidentified suspect opened fire in the neighborhood at around 11:00 p.m. A stray bullet struck the 9-year-old boy and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident on Sunday night is still being investigated. Authorities said that Nigel Brown’s mother went into his bedroom after hearing gunshots. They said she found her young son dead in his bedroom. He was shot in the head, officials reported.

Police said that the unidentified suspect opened fire from the street while driving through the neighborhood. The 9-year-old was in the wrong place at the wrong time, sustaining a random, yet fatal bullet wound. It is expected that this was an erratic shooting and that Nigel Brown was not targeted in the attack.

Nigel Brown was shot and killed in a random attack Saturday night. The young boy was struck by a stray bullet while sleeping peacefully in his home.
Nigel Brown was shot and killed in a random shooting on Saturday night. The young boy was struck by a stray bullet while sleeping peacefully in his home. His mother found him dead in his bedroom. Photo Credit: Facebook

“This is a senseless killing,” Albany Police Chief Michael Persley said during a press conference. Albany Georgia Police Department held the briefing on Monday, addressing the tragic death of the 9-year-old boy. It was reported that apart from Nigel Brown and his mother, two other children and their great-grandfather were inside the house when the shooting occurred. No one else was injured in the shooting.

Police have not made any arrests as of Monday night. Suspects have not been identified by authorities. A motive was not immediately clear at the time of Monday’s press conference. Investigators are asking for any information that can lead to an arrest.

The Albany Georgia Police Department posted the announcement of Brown’s death on Facebook. They wrote that “Nigel Brown, 9, was found in his bed unresponsive by his mother after a car drove by and opened fire on his home.” It continued, reporting that “Nigel was pronounced dead at the scene. There were several others inside the house at the time of the shooting as well.”

According to the police department, “Albany Area Crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible for the shooting death of 9-year old Nigel Brown.” The department reported that anyone with information should call “229.436.TIPS and speak with an operator located at the call center in Canada.”

The department wrote that “the operator will ask you a series of questions to help format the information you provide. You will be given a tip number. Hold on to that number until investigators and an arrest confirm the information you provided. Remember, you do not have to leave your name or telephone number.”

During the press conference, Albany Police Chief Michael Persley spoke against the ongoing gun violence in their Georgie community. “The police are part of the solution, we’re not the final solution,” Persley said.

He continued, saying that “this is a community problem and though it can easily be said this is happening across the United States, but right here in Albany, Georgia, I’m asking for everybody who’s concerned who is a member, whether you have a business here, a residence here, whatever it may be—what are you willing to do to save this community? I need your help. I really need the community to help bring justice to the family of Nigel Brown.”

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards explained that his office was making gun violence a priority. He recommended instating a punishment for Nigel Brown’s shooting that would be “as severe as possible.”