A shooting at an illegal concert in South Carolina left one dead and 14 others injured after a fight broke out. Multiple gunmen opened fire, one bullet killing a 14-year-old girl. More than a dozen others were injured at the North Charleston concert, all of whom were taken to the hospital and are being treated.

The illegal concert, which occurred late Saturday, was condemned by the police. North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said that the host should face consequences. “Quite honestly, I think whoever put it on, if they were charging and making money and serving alcohol, then they need to go to jail,” he said.

Officers responded to the concert between Piggly Wiggly Drive and West Jimtown Drive after reports of a shooting around 10:30 p.m. Police found multiple victims with gunshot wounds and were quickly taken to local hospitals. The shooters have not yet been identified and the motive is unclear.

Reports claim a fight broke out near the stage which caused the subsequent shooting. North Charleston Police Chief Reggie Burgess said that “the individuals were angry at each other and they didn’t care who got hit.”

A 14-year-old girl was among those shot, who will “never have an opportunity to see a prom, never have the opportunity to graduate, never have an opportunity to enter college or the military, or get a job,” according to Burgess. The girl has not been identified, however, the South Carolina community is mourning the loss of the innocent teen.

Police are investigating the incident, including the shooting and the organization of the illegal concert. The sale of alcohol was present at the unauthorized event and law enforcement is deciding whether to charge the host.

“We in law enforcement had no clue about this. If we would have, we’d probably have been able to save lives,” Burgess said. The police were shocked that reports of the illegal concert didn’t come in sooner. When police responded, they found a makeshift tiki bar, coolers and drinks scattered around the area, large speakers atop a stage, and a table with food and drinks.

“Something happened here that should have never happened. They should have never been set up in the first place here,” Burgess explained. Law enforcement knows the identity of the individual who hosted the illegal concert.

The shooting marks one of many that occurred over the weekend, including one at a New Jersey house party and another at an Ohio bar. Gun violence has seen a rapid surge in the past few months, as the effects of Covid-19 on the economy and society are being felt across America and the world.