Oleg Fedko, a Ukrainian policeman, was informed that his family was killed on the first day of the Russian invasion, according to local reporters, in a brutal and heartless murder. Russian troops murdered Oleg Fedko’s partner Irina, his parents, his infant son, and his 6-year-old daughter Sofia, as they were on their way to get picked up from school and taken to safety.

According to The Sun, the 30-year-old policeman was working and living in the Kherson region at the time, which has since been rumored to have completely fallen under Russia.

Oleg Fedko’s brother, Denis Fedko, told local reporters that he was on the phone with his mother, Anna, when he heard the sounds of Russian troops approaching the family. Over the phone, Denis Fedko listened as the scene escalated. Russian soldiers killed everyone in the family between the two cars – including his parents Anna and Oleg Sr., Oleg’s partner, and 6-year-old daughter Sofia.

Sofia, 6-year-old daughter of Ukrainian policeman Oleg Fedko
Sofia, 6-year-old daughter of Ukrainian policeman Oleg Fedko. Photo Credit: Twitter

“I kept hearing my mother yelling that there were children [in the car],” he told reporters, yelling “how can you [do that]?” as baby Ivan was heard “crying loudly” in the background.

“I heard shots,” he recalled. “Then there was silence… and then shots again. There were two bursts, each two to three shots long. I realized they were finishing them off.”

His parents, Anna and Oleg Sr., were both 56-years-old. They were trying to pick up the children from school and keep them safe as news broke that the Russian invasion was beginning. They were killed on the first day of the invasion, which was announced before the break of dawn by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The policeman, due to his post in Kherson, was “unable to retrieve the bodies of his relatives killed by the Russian troops,” local outlet Zaxid.net reported.

Oleg Fedko Sr. and Anna, slain parents of Ukrainian policeman Oleg Fedko
Oleg Fedko Sr. and Anna, slain parents of Ukrainian policeman Oleg Fedko. Photo Credit: Twitter

According to Ukraine’s emergency service, over 2,000 Ukrainian citizens were killed by the seventh day of the assault, while “Children, women and defense forces are losing their lives every hour.”

Russian intelligence continues to claim that they are letting civilians roam free, however, despite stories of the troops brutal killings of women and children.

“The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation take measures to ensure the security of the civilian population of Ukraine,” Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in an official statement. “There are no obstacles to the exit of the civilian population by the Russian military.”

In addition to Ukrainian policeman Oleg Fedko’s family, BBC News reported that a 7-year-old girl was killed in her kindergarten classroom in the small town of Okhtyrka.

Alisa Hlans, one of six people killed as troops attacked the school on the second day of the invasion, was reportedly just three months shy of her 8th birthday.

Polina, another young elementary school student, was also reported dead, as Ukrainian Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova questioned why Russian troops were running around and murdering children.

“Show this to Putin,” a doctor told video reporters as Polina, in pink unicorn pajamas, lost her life in the hospital. “The eyes of this child and crying doctors.”

Polina’s brother and sister were taken to the hospital, according to BBC News, and her parents were shot dead in the street.

“It is stomach turning,” Amnesty International’s Secretary General Agnes Callamard told The Independent. “This should be investigated as a war crime.”