In a terrifying video of the Oxford school shooting incident in Detroit that killed 3 people and injured 8 others, students were seen escaping out of a classroom window after not trusting a voice in the hall pretending to be an officer.

A unnamed 15-year-old sophomore was taken into custody as a suspect for the shooting on Tuesday, reportedly apprehended on the scene just five minutes after over 100 emergency 911 calls came in to the sheriff’s office.

The students were initially skeptical after a voice outside their classroom said that they were the “Sheriff’s Office” and that it was “safe to come out.”

Huddled up in the classroom with the lights off, someone in the TikTok video decided to speak out and say that “We’re not willing to take that risk right now!”

It is not known who was at the door, if not the shooter, but the students were able to run out the window into a courtyard that led to another entrance where law enforcement officers were able to protect them.

When the voice in the hallway said, “come to the door and look at my badge, bro,” it tipped off students who appeared to panic and call his use of “bro” a “red flag.” Urging others to “go, go, go,” the students escaped with law enforcement telling them to “slow down, you’re fine,” in the chilling video.

Hana St. Juliana, 14, and Madisyn Baldwin, 17, were the two students killed in the shooting, while a third victim, Tate Myre, 16, died in a patrol car on their way to the hospital.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said that the other seven students who were injured, as well as one teacher, are currently being treated with critical injuries.

A 17-year-old student named Savannah told Fox News that she got a text from her boyfriend alerting her that something was wrong in the school, and that previous active shooter drills actually helped them in the real situation. She was reportedly in another classroom then the one in the shocking TikTok video.

Video of the Oxford school shooting incident from a student's Instagram story
Video of the Oxford school shooting incident from a student’s Instagram story. Photo Credit: Instagram

“We locked the doors, and there’s this closet in the classroom, so it was very safe in the classroom, in the back corner,” she said. “I feel like (we got out) about 30 minutes later, the police knocked on the door so we were able to get out.”

Another student said that they were walking to class and heard gunshots before “see[ing] a guy bleeding from his cheek.”

“It was pure chaos, no one wanted to get hit,” they said.

According to Undersheriff Michael McCabe, the suspect “did not cause any problems” during the arrest and voluntarily “gave the weapon up.”

McCabe revealed that the gunman did not even have the gun on him at the time and that he would not speak to the officers.

The 15-year-old suspect “invoked his right not to speak,” according to police reports. After talking with his parents, law enforcement learned that they had advised him never to speak to police officers.

Authorities also discovered that his father had mysteriously purchased a 9mm Sig Sauer handgun that is believed to have been used in the attack. The suspect’s dad purchased it on Black Friday, just a couple of days before the Oxford school shooting, but that the reason was unknown at this time.

“The person that’s got the most insight of the motive is not talking,” said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. He called the attack an “unspeakable and unforgivable event.”

His “heart aches for families that will never be the same,” according to a post on Facebook that went up after the event. Sheriff Bouchard said that it was “evident” that “the lockdown protocols, training and equipment Oxford schools had in place saved lives,” but that his prayers go out to “a quiet sweet community that had its innocence shattered.”