Longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak was slammed for being “rude” on Wednesday night’s episode of the popular game show, after mocking a contestant during their interview. Sajak, 75, appeared to be in a foul mood before speaking to player Scott Ingwersen, and now fans are demanding an apology.

Before Scott even had a chance to speak on Wednesday, Pat Sajak looked at his notes and asked, “Why am I mentioning this?” clearly unimpressed with the story his contestant wanted to share.

“It’s on your card. You had your big toe chopped off,” he exclaimed. “Why are you telling this?”

Despite the harsh introduction, Scott Ingwersen went into his story about an accident that occurred when he was just 12 years old, explaining how he wanted to use his time to thank the people who helped him recover.

“It’s important to know that when I was 12 years old, I was riding a 10-speed bike with flip-flops, and I fell and completely cut off the top of my toe,” Ingwersen shared. “The next car that came by were two paramedics that were on their way to their job.”

“They said, ‘It’s just a laceration.’ But I didn’t know what that was, so it freaked me out even more,” he joked. “And now my toe is reattached, and I just want to say thank you to them 30 years later.”

Cutting off the audience after they applauded Scott, Sajak remarked that his story “may have been the most pointless story ever told. And you told it, Scott. Congratulations to you.”

Bashed on Twitter, Sajak was called “cold-blooded” and “such as a**hole” by viewers, sympathetic with Scott Ingwersen for sharing his story on television and thanking the heroic paramedics who helped him.

Demanding an apology, others even called for Pat Sajak to “move on” from Wheel of Fortune, and suggested that it was due time for the game show host to retire.

“Is Pat Sajak trying to get fired?” one Twitter user commented.

Though Scott Ingwersen didn’t finish with the big prize, he still left the show with $5,700 in prize money, hopefully making up for the hosts’ comments.

Just a week ago, Pat Sajak made headlines when he complained that viewers were not being kind enough to contestants, stating that they should “have a little heart.”

But after Wednesday night’s episode, fans mocked Sajak’s quick turn-around.

“So @patsajak got on his @WheelofFortune high horse a week ago & lectured everyone to be nice to contestants who couldn’t solve an easy puzzle, but tonight he had no problem belittling and insulting a contestant who told their intro story,” one Twitter commenter wrote. “Scott needs an apology.”

“Wasn’t the first time I was shocked by Pat Sajak saying something rude… He has done it before!” another viewer chimed in, with a third fan adding that, “He’s been getting ruder and ruder to contestants IMO. Maybe it’s time for him to retire.”

Pat Sajak and his wife, Lesly Brown, at the 44th Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards Gala
Pat Sajak and his wife, Lesly Brown, at the 44th Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards Gala. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Back in September, the Wheel of Fortune host told Entertainment Tonight that he had no plans to retire in the near future, but that he could see himself leaving the show in about 10 years.

The long-running game show is currently planning to roll into its 40th season. Today also reported that Pat Sajak and Vanna White signed new contracts to remain with the show until 2024.

“We’re certainly closer to the end than the beginning,” Sajak said. “I’d like to leave before people tune in and look at me and say, ‘Ooh, what happened to him?'”