Paul Scholes, former Manchester United soccer veteran and premier league goal leader, was mocked on social media this past Saturday for biting his daughter’s toes in a strange video shared to Instagram.

Trending on Twitter, his daughter Alicia Scholes, 20, posted the video on her Instagram story @alicia.scholesx, depicting the 46-year-old soccer legend with his mouth around her foot, biting her toes.

The New York Post reported that Alicia Scholes’ Instagram following increased by a couple thousand after sharing the bizarre video, which sits at around 102,000 followers as of Tuesday, Oct. 26. The 20-year-old usually posts pictures of her workouts and her playing a professional basketball-like game called “Netball,” which is reportedly very popular throughout the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Alicia Scholes also shared a selfie of the two, which was more normal looking, but fans still had questions about the odd, three-second video of him biting on her toes, which she also captioned “true love.”

According to Barstool Sports, there’s a reason for the strange video, and it’s that he was removing a small splinter that got lodged in her foot.

“Tweezers exist dude, just use a tweezer it was invented for situations exactly like this,” mocked Barstool Sports writer “Hubbs.” “Don’t suck on your daughter’s toes. And for the love of god if you’re gonna go through with this for some godforsaken reason do not by any means share it on social media for the masses to see… You just can’t have a pic of your daughter’s toe in your mouth out there.”

Soccer fans took to social media to poke fun and mock the video, pointing to other weird moments in their family relationship where Paul commented “girl you’re on fire” and the “😳” emoji on separate near-NSFW swimwear photos. “Shouldn’t really come as a surprise,” the user remarked.

“Lord Almighty that Paul Scholes video… I just cannot,” another commenter said. “‘Even the microsecond I looked was enough. I’m never getting that off my retina.”

At a recent Manchester United event, fans chanted “Paul Scholes, he sucks his daughters toes” in the stadium.

Paul Scholes has yet to address the video and Alicia has moved on without commenting further as well. Later on Saturday, she posted a video of her workout, which garnered over 7,000 views. A lot of the most recent comments however, were users mocking the toe biting video, calling her “daddy’s toes” or mocking her “true love” caption.

“Gross,” another user wrote, with some more-malicious users going back to posts from August to harass his daughter with toe-sucking insults.

Alicia is a star athlete like her father, just for the Netball Superleague instead of soccer, where she plays for the London Pulse. Previously, she had a stint with the hometown Manchester Thunder.

Over the course of his 20-year career playing for Manchested United, Paul Scholes scored 155 goals and won 11 Premier League titles. He played in 499 games for Manchester United, just one match shy of reaching 500 career appearances. According to Bleacher Report, he’s one of the greatest Manchester United players of all time, and one of the greatest midfielders in the history of professional soccer.

He retired in 2013 after two decades of top-tier soccer, with Brazilian soccer legend Pelé acknowledging that, “If he was playing with me, I would have scored so many more.”

Since retiring, he has held small managerial roles in the sport at Oldham Athletic and Salford City, both in England, as well as getting inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame. Paul Scholes also spent some time writing sports columns for The Independent and coaching for Manchester.