Paulina Gretzky was photographed partying with former president Donald Trump for Halloween, and the Instagram photo has gone viral. Fans were upset that they missed such a killer Trump Halloween party.

The party took place at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla. The former president throws a costume bash every year and 2021 was a star studded event. Paulina Gretzky was joined by fiancé golfer Dustin Johnson along with friends, Jeremy Cohen and Kristina Melnichenko.

Everyone looked fabulous in their costumes. Paulina was decked out in a red Baywatch swimsuit complete with matching jacket and whistle. Dustin decided to keep it simple and wore a white polo and sweatband for his tennis costume. And Jeremy and Kristina were dressed as a gladiator and a cowgirl.

Trump wore his traditional black suit and red tie and many fans are wondering if he decided to ditch the costume or decided to dress up as a U.S. president. Guess we’ll never know.

Other guests had more controversial costumes, with two ladies’ dresses going viral on Twitter. Two guests wore white dresses that seemed to mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax the rich,” Met Gala look. These dresses instead said, “marry the rich,” and “be the rich.”

Paulina Gretzky partied with former president Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago Halloween bash. The model posted pics on Instagram and they have gone viral. (Credit: Instagram)
Paulina Gretzky partied with former president Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago Halloween bash. The model posted pics on Instagram and they have gone viral. (Credit: Instagram)

Instagram stories and video from that night show that Paulina Gretzky got the presidential treatment. At one point, Trump came up to the group, kissed Paulina on both cheeks and told her she looked great.

Kristina and friends posted many photos on her Instagram story that night and she titled one of them, “greatest night of my life.” The group shared a boomerang of them toasting the night with red cups and another of the Mar-a-Lago venue, which was decorated with giant mushrooms and fancy lights.

The model has been in the news a lot this Halloween, and not just because she partied with the former president. Gretzky and her fiancé have been the inspiration for a lot of fans’ Halloween costumes this year.

Many fans took to Instagram and shared their Paulina and Dustin inspired costumes. They focused on the caddy costume that Paulina wore back in 2016 when she caddied for her boyfriend during the Master’s.

Her outfit featured white coveralls, and a green shirt and hat featuring Dustin’s golf logo. Many of the fan inspired costumes were spot on and Paulina was not shy when it came to showing her enjoyment over them.

Paulina reposted one couple’s Halloween costume on her Instagram story, which featured both Paulina in her cute caddy costume and a realistic Dustin costume.

Model Paulina Gretzky was the topic of many Halloween costumes this year. (Credit: Instagram)

Back in May, the model started getting ready to set a wedding date. The couple have been engaged for 10 years, and many fans have been wondering why they’ve waited so long to tie the knot.

The model revealed on the Pillows and Beer podcast that she wanted to focus on Dustin, her career, and her kids first before wedding planning took over their lives. It wasn’t until after he won the Masters in 2020 when she finally said it was the perfect time to get married.

She said that they will be getting married at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee. But she admitted she would have been perfectly happy to go to the courthouse and have a quick wedding.

“Dustin is the romantic,” she revealed. “I’m like let’s go to a courthouse and he’s like, ‘no baby I want a party, I want everyone to celebrate us. I’m like ugh, I have to be the center of attention, okay. It really gave me anxiety a little bit to be that girl. I’m going to have like ten wardrobe changes [at my wedding], though.”

The couple has two children together, Tatum, 6, and River, 4. They also have numerous fans who can’t wait to watch them walk down the aisle!