Authorities are still investigating the Petco Park deaths after a 40-year-old woman and her 2-year-old son fell from the concourse level of the San Diego baseball stadium on Saturday. The incident occurred as fans gathered for a Padres Game. Police are still trying to understand what happened to the young boy and his mother.

The incident hasn’t been ruled a homicide or accident. The investigation continued on Monday after police said the deaths seemed suspicious.

According to reports, the mother and son, whose names have not been revealed by police, plummeted from the stadium concourse level to the sidewalk below. The concourse level was about six stories above the ground. The tragic incident occurred about 30 minutes before the Padres game began. Thousands of fans were gathered around the stadium, waiting for the game to start when the woman and her 2-year-old son fell to their deaths.

Police investigating Petco Park deaths as suspicious incident. Were they pushed?
Police investigating Petco Park deaths as a suspicious incident. Were they pushed? Photo Credit: meunierd /

The mother and son were pronounced dead at 4:11 p.m. Saturday. Reports claimed that while police have identified both the mother and her son, authorities are waiting to reveal their names to the public. Both, however, were said to have lived in San Diego. It was revealed that the boy’s father, who has also not been named, was at the ballpark when the Petco Park deaths occurred.

As of Monday morning, it wasn’t clear if the fall was accidental or intentional, though the victims’ deaths “appeared to be suspicious,” according to police. Lt. Andra Brown explained that investigators have been searching for those in and around the concourse area that may have information that can potentially “give the family some peace.”

“We do not know the circumstances surrounding it,” Lt. Brown admitted. “We do not know if it was accidental or intentional.”

So far it isn’t clear if witnesses saw the fall. “It’s a tragic event,” Brown said over the weekend. “We feel horrible for the families and our hearts obviously go out to the family members, but also the people here that potentially could be traumatized.”

The San Diego Padres released a statement on Sunday, saying that “we are deeply saddened by the loss of life at Petco Park last evening,” the statement read. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of those involved. We will continue to refrain from comment on the nature of the incident as it is an ongoing investigation by the San Diego Police Department.”

Craigh Houghner, Padres’ Vice President of Communications, refused to comment on the tragic incident “due to the ongoing [police] investigation.”

Petco Park deaths before Padres baseball game labeled suspicious. Police still don't know if they were pushed or if they fell accidentally.
Petco Park deaths before Padres baseball game labeled suspicious. Police still don’t know if they were pushed or if they fell accidentally. Photo Credit: Twitter

Jim Rouse, a Padres fan who was reportedly near the stadium when the incident occurred, told reporters that “my heart goes out to the families. What a tragic, tragic situation.” After the incident, Rouse received a text message from the Omni San Diego Hotel that “basically said medical emergency.”

“Bridge is shut down and then they gave instructions on how to get out of the park,” Rouse explained. The Bridge was closed as authorities investigated the scene.

Another fan, Brian Howell, told reporters that police and stadium crews set a perimeter and kept fans away from specific areas of the stadium following the Petco Park deaths. At the time, most of the fans were not sure what happened.

“They were just keeping us away from that area, we thought it was standard protocol, but everyone along this side was keeping us out of that area,” Howell said. “All we heard was that there might have been an unfortunate incident.”