Peyton Evans, the 8-year-old Maryland boy who was shot and killed in Prince George’s County Tuesday, was a good boy who loved football, math, God, and his family. The youngster was fatally shot after gunfire erupted outside the apartment complex he was visiting.

According to reports, Peyton Evans, nicknamed “PJ” by his friends and family, was playing video games and eating tacos when the violent shooting began. PJ was with his friends and family celebrating their youth football team’s victory when an unknown shooter opened fire.

He was “doing what kids do after… school and football practice and living out his life,” said Chief of Police Malik Aziz. PJ’s death has devastated his family, as well as his Maryland community.

What happened to Peyton Evans. Youth football star died Tuesday after shooter opened fire on his apartment complex.
What happened to Peyton Evans. Youth football star died Tuesday after a shooter opened fire on his apartment complex. Photo Credit: Facebook

“My son was 8 years old,” His mom, Tiffani Evans told reporters. “He was born on Valentine’s Day, 2013. My son loved God. He loved his family. He loved his friends. He loved his teammates.”

She said she “can’t stress nothing out here man, love on y’all kids.” Tiffani Evans admitted that “I loved my son and before my son closed his eyes, 10 minutes before he closed his eyes, I said, ‘Boy I love you. You played a hell of a game in that scrimmage.'”

Peyton Evans was a dedicated player for the Showcase Sharks. But more than football, PJ was a smart kid with huge ambitions.

“He worked his a– off, excuse my French,” Tiffani Evans explained. “My son was a mathematician. He loved math. That was his thing. My son is in Heaven and I know it because he loved the Lord!”

Reports claimed that Peyton Evans was getting ready to start third grade. He even bought new shoes for the school year. His mother told reporters that PJ was “all [she] had” and that he was “all [she] lived for.” She claimed she “sacrificed so much in my life for that little boy, and now my son gone to some coward dudes that wanted to do some coward things instead of being a man.”

No suspects have been arrested in connection with PJ’s death, though authorities are working hard to find answers. They want to understand what happened leading up to the shooting. So far, answers have been slim.

Police said that a group of adults were outside of the apartment complex Peyton Evans was visiting when a white sedan pulled into the parking lot. The complex was located in the 1600 block of Brightseat Road, near Kenmoor Middle School. At around 8:20 p.m., a suspect from within the van began shooting at the group of adults. Stray bullets crashed through the glass doors of two apartments. One of the bullets fatally struck Peyton Evans.

Chief Aziz was sure that PJ was not the intended target of the attack. He also claimed that the department is only “looking for the person who fired that weapon.” Aziz said that he “can’t say if others are involved in it or not” but that “if it is more than one who was responsible, we’re going to get that person too.”

He urged the shooter to turn himself in and “be a man.” He told the suspect to “be a respectable human being if you ever were not one before. Now is the time to turn yourself in.”

Aziz explained that his officers and detectives have “been working so long … hours, and so hard, because it hits really close to home because many of us have children.” He admitted that “the pain is real.” 

Aziz promised PJ’s mom justice. He told her that the police department is “grieving with” her family and that the department would bring justice to Peyton Evans. So far, no arrests have been made.

According to authorities, the police department is offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who provides information that leads to the suspect’s arrest. Police asked knowledgeable citizens to contact detectives at 301-516-2512 or to call Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477).