Russian influencer Polina Strelets is fighting for her life after a jet ski ride in Bali, Indonesia, went horribly wrong. The 24-year-old is currently in critical condition and her family is looking to fly her back to St. Petersburg, Russia as they figure out what happened.

According to reports, the jet ski accident happened on Jan. 20 while the influencer was on vacation in Bali. She is currently in a hospital in Denpasar, the nation’s capital, and has been there since her accident. She suffered injuries to the base of her spine and a double leg fracture. The circumstances surrounding her injuries and the accident are unknown.

The 24-year-old is currently in a coma because of her injuries. Reports show that doctors immediately operated on the young woman, but complications caused her to fall unconscious. They later diagnosed Polina Strelets with fat embolism, which is when pieces of the intravascular fat get trapped in the body’s blood vessels and restricts blood flow. It usually happens when the body experiences severe trauma.

Polina Strelets what happened
Polina Strelets is in a coma after she suffered a jet ski accident in Bali. The 24-year-old is a Russian influencer and regularly posts about her travels. (Credit: Instagram)

Polina Strelets’ family is trying to get their loved one back to Russia because of the young woman’s lack of health insurance. According to her family, Strelets has about $665 worth of health insurance coverage, but a day in an Indonesian hospital costs $3,300.

Because the health insurance barely covers her treatment, her parents are currently petitioning the Russian government to fly their daughter back home. Mikhail Romanov, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, recently released a statement and said that his team is working on getting Polina Strelets back to Russia.

He said, “I express my gratitude to [Deputy Prime Minister] Tatyana Golikova for the lightning-fast response to my appeal and prompt assistance in resolving the issue of evacuating the St. Petersburg woman. Our duty is to fight for the life of every citizen of the country, regardless of where in the world help is needed. The sanitary evacuation of Polina and her further treatment on the territory of the Russian Federation is under my personal control.”

The plan is to fly Polina Strelets back to her home country in a medical helicopter. An exact date for her return is unknown.

Polina Strelets what happened
What happened to Polina Strelets? Beautiful influencer is in coma after jet ski accident. Her family is working on getting her back to Russia (Credit: Instagram)

Before her jet ski accident, Polina Strelets posted beautiful pictures of her vacation in Bali. With over 4,000 followers, the Russian influencer calls herself an “entrepreneur” on her page and regularly posted breathtaking photos of her travels.

Since her accident, her family has been using the page to update her friends and family on the young girl’s condition. They have posted photos of her in the hospital along with messages of support from those who have contacted them. Pictures from the hospital show that Strelets is hooked up to many machines and appears to be using a ventilator to breathe.

This is not the only jet ski accident in recent news. In Miami, two men were injured in an accident on Saturday near Biscayne Bay around 3:30 p.m. Officials are calling it a “personal watercraft accident.” The accident happened east of Picnic Island.

The names of the men are unknown and, according to reports, their conditions vary. One man was airlifted to Jackson Ryder Trauma Center with an unknown condition. The second individual was taken by ground ambulance and officials are saying that he is in serious condition.