Prince Andrew finally made a run for it after two weeks at the Royal Lodge, fleeing Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyers to Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral estate in Scotland. The Duke of York has been playing hard to get since the lawsuit was filed, evading “multiple attempts” from Giuffre’s lawyers to serve him legal papers on behalf of the alleged sexual assault victim.

Prince Andrew, who was previously suggested to be the Queen’s favorite son, fled 500 miles to a new safe haven after reportedly going stir crazy at the Royal Lodge. Now he’s secured in Queen Elizabeth II’s Scottish getaway home, despite the first hearing taking place in just a few days.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is suing Prince Andrew in New York for sexual assault. She had previously admitted that it would be “difficult” to serve him in person due to Andrew’s immense resources. According to reports, the Duke of York has been hiding in his Windsor home. He even instructed his security guards to turn away lawyers or anyone else attempting to serve him the U.S. court papers.

Why did Prince Andrew flee to Balmoral castle? The Duke of York was evading legal papers in an attempt to avoid the shame of Virginia Roberts' lawsuit.
Why did Prince Andrew flee to Balmoral castle? The Duke of York was evading legal papers in an attempt to avoid the shame of Virginia Roberts’ lawsuit. Photo Credit:

In the past two weeks, Prince Andrew has eluded “multiple attempts” to be served and finally made a run for it on Tuesday afternoon, riding 500 miles to the 50,000-acre estate, where he’d previously stayed a couple of months ago. Images showed the royal with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, driving the long distance to the Queen’s Balmoral home.

The images showed the pair in a Range Rover and sources claimed that they drove the entire 9-hour trip rather than take a flight because it would have been too risky. It seems Prince Andrew is very nervous about being served those legal papers.

Andrew made the move because he was going “stir-crazy” at the Royal Lodge. While that seemed exaggerated – especially because the home is set on a 98-acre property – Prince Andrew has been reportedly staying put inside the home. He has been unwilling to go outside for fear Giuffre’s lawyers will find a way to serve him the legal documents. He’s even neglected to go horseback riding, a staple activity for the Duke of York.

What happened between Virginia Roberts and Prince Andrew in 2001? Secrets may soon be revealed as lawsuit deadline approaches.
What happened between Virginia Roberts and Prince Andrew in 2001? The alleged victim accused the Duke of York of raping her after Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with him. Photo Credit: Mick Atkins /

According to U.S. attorney David Boies, Andrew does not need to be physically served the paperwork for any legal reason, however, he suggested that the royal is scared that such an incident would ruin his pride and boost morale in the lawsuit. It was suggested that Prince Andrew would be liberated at the 50,000-acre Balmoral estate, giving him space to adventure outside.

It was also reported that Prince Andrew would be better protected at the Queen’s Scotland home. The Daily Beast reported last month that royal lawyers urged British media outlets not to publish any pictures of Andrew while he stayed at Balmoral earlier this summer. It seemed more of a warning than a request, as Queen Elizabeth II is especially protective of her youngest son.

The first hearing in Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawsuit is scheduled for Monday. It is expected that the Duke of York will be absent from the telephone conference and it is unclear if Giuffre will make an appearance. Andrew had previously rejected all claims made against him, vehemently denying that he had sexually assaulted a young Virginia Roberts. He even claimed he did not remember meeting her, despite a picture showing the two standing together at a party.

Legal experts reported that Prince Andrew would not be given diplomatic immunity if he is convicted of the first and third-degree rape charges. However, it is expected that enforcing any form of sentencing would be nearly impossible.

According to Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawsuit, she was “forced to have sexual intercourse with Prince Andrew against her will.” It claimed that his “actions constitute sexual offenses” such as first- and third-degree rape. Under New York law, rape includes “forcible compulsion.” It is alleged that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell forced the victim to have sex with the royal.