Prince Harry has started to mend the year-long rift with his brother, Prince William, but things are still uncomfortable with his father, Prince Charles. Royal insiders hope that Harry’s future trip to London to unveil a statue of his mother, Princess Diana, will help both men find common ground, but it is unsure if that will happen. According to US Weekly, “Charles, 72, ‘may never forgive’ his son for the bombshell March interview.”

Back in March, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in a shocking interview that exposed many of the royal family’s secrets – including the fact that Meghan’s suicidal thoughts during her pregnancy were dismissed. The topic of their son’s potential dark skin color was also discussed near the time of his birth. In January 2020, the couple announced that they would be stepping back from their duties as royal family members. In February 2021 they made their exit official.

Charles is not the only member of the family who is still upset about Harry and Meghan’s decision. While the brothers have started to talk again, the uncomfortable moments have also put pressure on the Queen. On March 8, she publicly announced that any issues brought up in the Oprah interview will be “dealt with privately,” according to the Daily Mail.

Nevertheless, a source told US Weekly that Harry’s statements have been hard on the Queen, who is still dealing with grief after the loss of her husband, Prince Philip. “[That] hasn’t gone down well with Elizabeth,” the insider explained. “She feels that he’s putting his pride before the best interest of the monarchy. She has enough on her plate dealing with the loss of her husband, [Prince Philip]. It’s drama she can do without.”

According to Vanity Fair, a source close to the royal family said that “Charles is still fuming about Harry throwing shade at him and the royal family in the big interview and won’t let it drop. But to be honest, Harry didn’t go running back to Charles begging for forgiveness either. He still hasn’t forgiven his father for his lack of effort and support after he and Meghan decided to move.”

In the Oprah interview, Harry revealed that Charles stopped returning his son’s calls when he and Meghan decided to move to California. There seems to unresolved anger on both sides of the family. Until they break the tension and speak about everything that has happened the growing rift won’t be resolved.

Prince Harry recently talked about his and Meghan’s parenting plans for their son and future daughter. He hopes to break the cycle of generational pain and suffering that was experienced in his family. “As parents, we should try and make sure we’re doing the most we can. Like, ‘That happened to me. I’m gonna make sure that doesn’t happen to you,” he said.

As the months go on, many people on both sides are hoping to see Prince Harry and Prince Charles put aside their differences and start talking again. Both Brits and Americans will be watching the father and son when the Princess Diana statue is unveiled in July 2021.