Andrew Yang is being slammed after his recent pro-Israel tweet. There are plenty of Zionistic residents in New York City, but the newest Middle East crisis is a highly charged topic with angry people on both sides of the aisle.

Left-wing Twitter users fought back after Andrew Yang sunk his teeth into the Middle East conflict. “I’m standing with the people of Israel who are coming under bombardment attacks, and condemn the Hamas terrorists,” the former presidential candidate said Monday. “The people of NYC will always stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel who face down terrorism and persevere.”

That was not the right answer for some. “Please f—k ALL THE WAY OFF,” one Twitter user said, starting #NotInMyName. Stefanie Iris Weiss said that Yang’s words were “repugnant,” and that most Jews “are REPULSED about what the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians.”

Twitter feeds filled with anti-Yang speech, many turning their backs on the prospective NYC mayor. “Maybe not the most tasteful statement to make within hours of Israel bombing Gaza,” Sami Zayn commented on Yang’s original post. “But then again I’m not a soulless piece of sh-t politician so what do I know?” Zayn finished.

It didn’t take long for Yang to walk back his comments, trying to make himself sound more neutral. After a conversation with campaign volunteers, Andrew Yang understood that his tweet, which expressed solidarity with the people of Israel, caused frustration. This included some of his volunteers.

The volunteers “felt that my tweet was overly simplistic in my treatment of a conflict that has a long and complex history full of tragedies,” Yang said in a statement he posted to Twitter. “And they felt it failed to acknowledge the pain and suffering on both sides.”

“They were, of course, correct,” the entrepreneur wrote. “I mourn for every Palestinian life taken before its time as I do for every Israeli.”

Andrew Yang seemed to win back a few supporters, but a lot of damage has already been done. For most left-wing activists he went too far.

Andrew Yang was commenting on the escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine, as both sides launch missile attacks, bombarding targets concentrated with civilians. The Israeli government is being condemned for its counterattack measures that have killed a total of 26 people in Gaza, including nine Palestinian children.

The counteractions were a response to Hamas militants and other extremist groups launching their missiles on Israel. However, the damage on the Israeli side was minimal due to its Iron Dome defense. 

Go Left Us tweeted a satirical picture commenting on Israel’s actions.

Andrew Yang is attempting to secure a major victory in New York City, but this controversy could create a bump in the road. His apology seemed sincere, but some critics think his pro-Israel tweet went too far.