A shooting in a Florida Publix left three dead, including two adults and a toddler, according to police. The identity of the shooter is unknown, but police have not described the scene as an active shooter situation, claiming the shooter killed himself or herself along with the two victims.

Police responded to the shooting at the corner of Royal Palm Beach Boulevard at Okeechobee Boulevard at The Crossroads shopping center around 11:30 a.m. Thursday morning, after reports cited gunshots within the Florida Publix.

Inside were three victims, including the shooter, one man, one woman, and a child described as a “toddler.” Spokeswoman Teri Barbera announced the incident, Late Thursday morning after Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputies cleared the scene.

Police have not released a statement regarding the identity of the shooter, or whether the victims knew each other. When officers responded to the Royal Palm Beach grocery store within The Crossroads complex, they found three dead from gunshot wounds, and the shooter was among those deceased.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay said that “this one is hard. You don’t like to hear about these things in your district. You don’t like to hear about them anywhere in the country.” She described the child as a toddler.

Outside the Royal Palm Beach Publix were 15 to 20 Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office vehicles, and detectives are attempting to understand what happened and what the motive of the shooting was. Investigators will also determine the relationship between the shooter and the victims, though no public statement has been released on the identity of either of the three dead.

A statement from the agency’s violent crimes division said that “detectives are in the beginning stages of determining what led up to the shooting.”

The Publix shooting is another deadly incident in a spree of gun violence across the country. In the last week, several high-profile shootings have taken place in Florida alone, including one in Miami-Dade that left corrections officer, Tyleisha Taylor, dead at the scene.

On June 1, two children were charged with opening fire at deputies using the homeowner’s stolen guns, after both kids escaped from Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, a juvenile home for troubled children.

Joe Biden has yet to address the tragedy in the Florida Publix and has been quiet recently on the rising gun violence in the nation.