Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for Covid-19, according to Buckingham Palace. Reports say that the Queen got the virus from her son, Prince Charles, who is currently in isolation. Given her age, many are wondering if her condition is serious.

“Buckingham Palace confirm that the queen has today tested positive for Covid,” a statement by Buckingham Palace said. “Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold like symptoms but expects to continue light duties at Windsor over the coming week. She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all the appropriate guidelines.”

Buckingham Palace also confirmed that other members of the Windsor Castle team have tested positive for Covid-19. They did not release names of those individuals, and it’s unclear if they contracted the virus from the Queen.

Prince Charles originally tested positive 10 days ago. His wife, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, also tested positive and confirmed on Monday that she had the virus. Charles and the Queen reportedly saw each other on Feb. 8, but Buckingham Palace did not share where the meeting took place.

After Prince Charles tested positive, the Palace said that the Queen was being monitored and hadn’t reported any symptoms. It has been reported that her condition is not serious at this time. The Queen is fully vaccinated and received her first dose in Jan. 2021.

Prince Charles caught the virus for the first time back in March 2020. He reportedly only had mild symptoms and has said that he was very lucky. At the same time, Prince William came down with Covid-19, but his condition was not revealed to the public until months after his positive test.

Queen Elizabeth II positive
Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for Covid-19. According to Buckingham Palace, she has mild cold like symptoms. (Credit: The Royal Family Instagram)

The Queen’s test results come just days after she made her first public appearance since returning from Sandringham. Her Majesty has been in the news a lot lately because of her health issues. She had to spend a night in the hospital in October 2021 because of an unknown health problem. At the time, Buckingham Palace said the Queen had to cancel a number of her public appearances and duties because of “exhaustion.”

According to a source, the Queen has been taking it easy since her health scare last year.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Buckingham Palace has been very careful about the Queen’s health. She spent most of the year in isolation with her late husband, Prince Philip, and conducted all of her duties virtually. When Philip died in April 2021, the Queen had to isolate herself during his funeral.

With her Covid-19 diagnosis, it is unclear if the Queen’s health will allow her to be present for her future appearances. She is scheduled to appear at a diplomatic reception on Mar. 2, the annual Commonwealth Service on March 14 and a service of thanksgiving for the late Prince Philip on March 29. Both services are scheduled to take place at Westminster Abbey while the reception will be held in Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth II positive
Buckingham Palace reported that the Queen contracted Covid-19 after a meeting with her son, Prince Charles. He and his wife, Camilla, also tested positive. (Credit: The Royal Family Instagram)

After Buckingham Palace announced the Queen’s positive test results, many of her supporters have taken to social media to wish her a safe recovery. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “I’m sure I speak for everyone in wishing Her Majesty The Queen a swift recovery from Covid and a rapid return to vibrant good health.”

Queen Elizabeth II recently celebrated 70 years on the English throne. Her 96th birthday is on April 21.