Rachel Bush has issued yet another statement regarding the NFL’s vaccine policy, demanding the football league “fix this sh-t ASAP.” The model and wife of Bills safety Jordan Poyer made headlines this week as she continues to fight battles across social media, arguing her pro-choice stance regarding vaccines on Twitter. She came under fire again Thursday as her heated tweets against the NFL ramped up.

“When the vaccinated have been proven to be the problem over and over in the NFL so far – especially within the Bills – but the unvaccinated who don’t have [Covid-19] are the ones getting punished?” she wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “Somebody better fix this sh*t ASAP.”

Why Rachel Bush is speaking out against NFL's vaccine policy. Says the football league needs to "fix this sh-t ASAP."
Why Rachel Bush is speaking out against NFL’s vaccine policy. Says the football league needs to “fix this sh-t ASAP.” Photo Credit: Instagram

One user called Rachel Bush a “brain dead model” in a post Thursday, sarcastically pointing out that the world should listen to what she “has to say about vaccinations and global pandemics.” Bush was not happy, retweeting the rude comment with a comeback of her own.

“Braindead model,” she wrote on Twitter Thursday. “Got it… I only graduated [high school] at 17 with my associates completed. Only a self-made millionaire entrepreneur now with a millionaire NFL athlete as a husband too. Gosh if this is what brain dead is maybe more people should try it?”

The entrepreneur has been extremely vocal about her frustrations with NFL’s vaccine policy and has been continuously sharing angry statements on Twitter since Tuesday. The protest sparked after several unvaccinated Bills players were forced to cordon off from their teammates after they came into close contact with a trainer who tested positive for Covid-19. Rachel Bush was specifically angry that the trainer in question was fully vaccinated.

“Compromised the safety of others? You mean like those fully vaccinated walking around the facility with [Covid-19]… because they are only tested once every two weeks” she pointed out on Twitter. She said she has “seen case after case of this – in the same building as guys who get tested every day for [Covid-19] and clearly don’t have it.”

The unvaccinated wide receiver Cole Beasley, as well as Gabriel Davis, Vernon Butler, and Star Lotulelei are forced to miss five days of practice due to NFL’s health and safety regulations. Though all four players tested negative for the virus, they still have to miss practice because they are unvaccinated – as a precautionary measure.

After it was announced the players would be missing practice, Rachel Bush took shots at the vaccine policy. “I know damn well y’all are not about to put any blame on the players who 1) don’t have [Covid-19] and are tested every day but 2) were in contact with a VACCINATED staff member. Y’all are so backwards it’s insane!”

The NFL has been extremely open regarding its policies. Unvaccinated players are the target of much stricter regulations, such as the five-day re-entry process. Those players are also required to receive a rapid test every morning before practice and must wait 30 minutes before they can start training to get their negative results back.

Is the NFL vaccine policy fair? Unvaccinated players are treated differently from vaccinated players.
Is the NFL vaccine policy fair? Unvaccinated players are treated differently from vaccinated players. Photo Credit: Instagram

The NFL does not require vaccinated players to isolate for five days after exposure to the virus. They are able to get back to practice after a negative Covid-19 test as long as they are asymptomatic. It’s these vaccine policies that Rachel Bush has been protesting on her platform.

“NFL players who have to wait outside 30 minutes every day, before even entering the facility, for their negative [Covid-19] test results are getting fined for not having a mask on for a couple [of] seconds,” Rachel Bush pointed out on Twitter Thursday. “MIND YOU THEY TESTED NEGATIVE THAT VERY SAME MORNING.”

She continued her rant, writing that “while his vaccinated teammates could be walking around the building spreading [Covid-19] – seen it happen many times now and it’s not even the season yet! This isn’t a hypothetical situation – it’s happening!”

Rachel Bush said that she “[HOPES] people approach me about my personal and private medical decisions this year. (They seem to have no problem doing this online so let’s see if they keep that same energy) We will have the debate of a lifetime which will result in you feeling like a fool. Can’t wait.”

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