Rajaee Shareef Black, a 44-year-old Baltimore man, murdered his two of his exes, confessed to the killings on Facebook Live, and then took his own life, according to Baltimore Police.

Authorities said Black killed his former girlfriend, Tara Labang, 41, on Saturday afternoon. He then livestreamed his confession on social media, and announced his plans to kill his ex-wife, Wendy Natalie Black, 42. The haunting video, which has since been removed from Facebook, ends just as Wendy answers her door. 

Police later found the bodies of Rajaee and Wendy Black in the entranceway to her home in nearby Columbia. Labang’s body was discovered and identified on Monday in her Federal Hill apartment. 

An investigation is reportedly ongoing. 

Police: Rajaee Shareef Black Kills 2 Exes, Himself

According to local reports, Black shot and killed Tara Labang in her southern Baltimore home sometime before 2 p.m. Saturday. He then traveled to his ex-wife’s home in Columbia, a suburb of the city. While en route, the alleged gunman went live of Facebook and announced that he had killed his ex-girlfriend. s

“I just did something crazy, man,” Black says in the clip. “I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head, yo. Um, [it] felt like a dream. I never thought I would be that guy.”

“Sh-t has been real crazy,” the 44-year-old told his Facebook followers, because of child custody disputes with both women.

“The person that really started my depression and all of this is my ex-wife,” he continued in the chilling video. “So, she[‘s] next. And then I’m going to do myself, too,” Black said, adding that he was unwilling to go to prison.  

“But I just wanted to say this to people: Don’t play with people’s emotions, man. Don’t lie on these men,” the alleged killer mused, just as Wendy arrived at the doorstep where Black was waiting. 

“Oh, here’s my ex-wife right now,” he says. 

Rajaee Shareef Black, 44, allegedly confessed to two murders on Facebook live before he committed suicide Saturday.
Rajaee Shareef Black, 44, confessed to killin ghis girlfriend Tara Labang and his ex-wife Wendy Black on Facebook live before he committed suicide Saturday. Photo credit: Facebook

Police told reporters they were called about possible gunshots in Columbia at about 2:07 p.m., When officers arrived at 2:14, they found the bodies of Black and his ex-wife. Social media users who saw Black’s livestream contacted authorities, but the message was not passed along until 2:22 — about 15 minutes after Rajaee and Wendy Black were dead. 

“What we now believe is that was a domestic-related murder-suicide,” said Sherry Llewellyn, Howard County police spokesperson on Monday. “We believe the suspect, who is male, came to the area, sought out the female victim, shot and killed her and then shot and killed himself.”

According to the Baltimore Sun, two of Black’s children were outside the Columbia home waiting in their father’s car when police arrived on the scene. Authorities said the children did not witness the shooting, and that they’ve been relocated to a “safe environment.” Their names, ages and genders have not been revealed, so as to preserve their privacy, police said. 

Police believe Rajaee Shareef Black killed Tara Lebang at her souther Baltimore home on this block of Marshall Street Saturd
Police believe Rajaee Shareef Black killed Tara Lebang at her souther Baltimore home on this block of Marshall Street Saturday. Photo credit: Google Maps

Court Records Show Domestic Violence, Custody Issues 

The Sun reported that “several” online records show previous domestic violence complaints against Rajaee Shareef Black, most recently in April 2020. In all four cases, the charges appear to have been dropped, and the alleged victim is not named. 

Court records also reportedly show a domestic violence charge against Wendy Black, which was later dropped by the individual who filed the complaint. That individual is also unnamed. 

Court filings show that the child custody battle Black named as his motive dates back to July 2018. New filings were made in relation to the case almost every month since then, most recently on Tuesday, the newspaper reported. 

Tara Labang Mourned by Former Co-Workers

Tara Labang, who had been working as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) at Capital Region Health, was mourned by her colleagues in a statement issued over the weekend. 

ara Lebang was mourned by colleagues over the weekend, after she was killed in her home, allegedly by Rajaee Shareef Black.
ara Lebang was mourned by colleagues over the weekend, after she was killed in her home, allegedly by Rajaee Shareef Black. Photo credit: Facebook

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic incident surrounding the death of a team member, who cared for patients in our hospital under a contract with a medical provider,” wrote hospital spokesperson Jania Matthews. 

“We extend heartfelt condolences to the family and are offering grief counseling to her colleagues.”

Rajaee and Wendy Black also worked as CRNAs at Howard County General Hospital, according to reports. The 44-year-old had previously worked at Capitol Region Health.