Atlanta rapper Foogiano, born Kwame Brown, was arrested and indicted on federal gun charges after he was connected to a mass shooting at a night club in Greenville, S.C.

The Lavish Lounge shooting, which occurred in July 2020, resulted in two deaths and eight injuries, though authorities revealed that Foogiano did not fire any weapons during that night while he was performing.

However, the Atlanta rapper was brought in and charged with possession of an illegal firearm, which he was not allowed to have as a previously convicted felon. Back in 2013, he was arrested on charges of robbery and burglary. He served three years before being released and continuing his rap career, signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records label.

Gucci Mane was also named in lawsuits stemming from the Lavish Lounge shooting, along with members of rapper Foogiano’s entourage.

According to the local Greenville News, someone on stage with Foogiano flashed a gang sign at someone in the crowd, who then started firing shots in the air.

Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis told reporters that the shooter, “pulls his shirt up, pulls a pistol out, presents it and people kinda start to separate and get away from the original altercation and he begins to fire.”

The shooter allegedly fired off twelve rounds, killing two people–Mykala Bell, 23, and Clarence Sterling Johnson, 51. A man named Jarquez Kezavion Cooper was later arrested as a suspect and charged with murder.

According the lawsuit filed by the family of Mykala Bell, the victim’s family alleged that Foogiano’s entourage and members of the crowd were not “patted down” and searched to make the venue a safe space for the performance. People were therefore allowed to enter the event with “deadly weapons,” and little oversight.

Gucci Mane was named as he was “believed to be a promoter or promotion company” for the event at the Lavish Lounge shooting, but it is unknown if he was in attendance that night.

Foogiano reportedly told the officer that “he is a famous rapper and must have a gun because rappers get shot,” XXL reported.

Gucci Mane, head of rapper Foogiano's record label and a defendant in the Lavish Lounge shooting lawsuit
Gucci Mane, head of rapper Foogiano’s record label and a defendant in the Lavish Lounge shooting lawsuit. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

At a hearing last December, rapper Foogiano was given a cash bail of $50,000, with the requirements that he stay in the state of Georgia and wear an ankle monitor. Later that day, the 28-year-old reportedly burned the ankle monitor off his leg after the battery died and left it on the side of the highway in Barrow County, Ga.

Foogiano’s bond was revoked, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was taken into custody three months later in March 2021, after being on the run in Memphis, Tenn. This past May, he was sentenced to five years in prison.

He was extradited to Greenville, S.C. Friday to hear the new indictment, and has allegedly asked for a return to state custody in Georgia.

The news came just a month after the release of his debut album Gutta Baby, which featured appearances from high profile artists such as DaBaby, Jacquees, Lil Baby, and record label head Gucci Mane.

Dating fellow musician Renni Rucci, Foogiano proposed from behind bars in October, as he awaits the possibility of extended jail time.

“Everyone left but you, you don’t get the praise you deserve! Not even from me,” he wrote on Instagram along with a photo of Renni.

“I love you more than I know how to explain,” he continued. “There are no others, it’s just me and you and I’m fine with that. They talk but they don’t know. My Queen! My Fiancee! Thank you for the patience and the love. I’m with you 4 Life & After.”

Foogiano has not been named a suspect in the criminal investigation of the shooting, but he remains in prison serving time for continually violating his probation.