The reward for information leading to the arrest of Aiden Leos’ killer has grown to $450,000 since the alleged road rage shooting last month. The killing of the 6-year-old boy rocked Southern California, and through personal efforts and private donations, the reward for answers has reached new heights.

Though no amount of money can replace what Aiden’s mother and family have lost, a nearly half-a-million-dollar price tag has been placed to bring the killer to justice. Authorities are close to solving the case, having identified a vehicle of interest as a white 2018 or 2019 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, with non-tinted windows. However, after two weeks, no suspects have been identified.

Any person whose information brings the culprits to justice will be justly rewarded, as police continue to search for an alleged female and male passenger, who opened fire on Aiden Leos’ vehicle, killing the young child. According to reports, the incident began as a minor driver inconvenience, in which an unknown vehicle cut off Aiden’s mother, to which she flipped a hand gesture in response.

The car then slipped behind Aiden’s car and someone within the vehicle opened fire. A single bullet flew through the rear of the car, killing Aiden Leos. What began as a mother taking her child to Kindergarten ended in tragedy. Half a month later, police, along with Aiden’s family, are pleading for answers.

“The senseless tragedy of Aiden Leos’ death has been felt by the entire community,” Mayor John Stephens said. “We want to do what’s necessary to bring Aiden’s killer to justice, to take him or her off our streets, and to deter others from engaging in this type of dangerous conduct.”

The $450,000 reward has grown substantially since Aiden’s family initially offered $50,000 for any information leading to an arrest. The fund increased after Orange County supervisor Don Wagner matched her offer, raising the total to $100,000.

More money flowed in as Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley pledged $50,000 on May 25. Now, through anonymous donors, community leaders, and local businesses, another $250,000 was added to the reward. After a contribution on June 1 from the City Council of Costa Mesa, the reward reached $450,000.

In a statement, Katrina Foley said that “what happened to Aiden is a devastating tragedy. I am heartbroken for his family and particularly for his parents, Joanna Cloonan and Jose Leos. I want to do everything in my power to help bring the shooter to justice.”

A GoFundMe to support Aiden Leos’ family was started by the grandmother of his older sister, Alexis Cloonan. The organizer, Carla Lacy, explained that she has a very close bond with the family, and wanted to raise funds to replace Aiden’s mom’s car, and cover expenses while she grieves. The $336,000 raises as of afternoon Thursday will also go towards “long term medical treatment for trauma for [Aiden’s mom] and possibly her daughter, her mother and for Aiden’s father when he is ready.”

Anyone with a possible lead is encouraged to contact California Highway Patrol Santa Ana Area Office.