Two Texas moms, Riccy Padilla-Hernandez and Yures Molina, were charged with child endangerment after their six children were found living in squalor in a Houston apartment. The children, all under the age of 10, were dirty, hungry and covered in lice. A 1-year-old baby had resorted to eating his own feces because of hunger.

Padilla-Hernandez’s children were ages 2, 3, and 7. Yures Molina’s children were 1, 8, and 9. Molina is reportedly seven months pregnant with her fourth child. All children were taken in by Child Protective Services since their mothers’ arrests.

Riccy Padilla-Hernandez Yures Molina
Riccy Padilla-Hernandez and Yures Molina were charged with child endangerment after their six children were found in terrifying, filthy conditions in Houston, Texas (Credit: Twitter)

According to reports, Houston officers were notified about the horrifying conditions on Wednesday after an apartment complex worker noticed Padilla-Hernandez’s 2-year-old daughter walking near the complex’s pool. The little girl was dirty, barefoot, and had no adult supervision.

When officers arrived, an older boy brought them to the apartment where they found four other children living in unimaginable conditions. The four children were filthy and some of them were covered in lice. One of the children had special needs and required additional care.

“According to investigators, the infant was so deprived of food that he resorted to eating his own waste,” KPRC reported. “Her 9-year-old was reportedly covered in filth and infested with lice.”

The relationship between Padilla-Hernandez and Molina is unclear. Both women reportedly lived in the same apartment with their six children.

Officers also reported that the 1-year-old baby was left in his crib all day.

Riccy Padilla-Hernandez and Yures Molina were not in the apartment when police officers arrived. Padilla-Hernandez later came back when officers were investigating and claimed that she had left the children and was “doing her taxes.”

Both women were later arrested and charged with endangerment of a child under the age of 10. A Houston judge set their bail at $15,000 each and the women were able to pay bond and were released on Friday. They are scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Police continue to investigate.

A similar incident happened last month in Texas. On Jan. 18, Susan Que Smith was charged with one count of reckless child endangerment and one count of tampering failure to report human remains. It was discovered that she left her daughter in a filthy apartment with the remains of the girl’s father.

According to reports, the incident happened in Electra, Texas and officers were called to the apartment on Dec. 1 when neighbors reported a foul odor coming from an open window. Officers entered the apartment after receiving no response and found the dead body of Allen Wiest in the hallway.

It is unclear how Wiest died, but officers reported that the body was decomposing. Susan Que Smith later arrived at the apartment with her daughter and told police that she didn’t report the dead body because she didn’t want to get evicted from her home. Wiest’s body was covered in blankets and trash bags and, according to Smith, he had been dead for about three to four weeks.

As officers investigated the apartment, they found more disgusting conditions. There were reportedly buckets full of human waste which Smith and her daughter had been using as toilets because the apartment didn’t have running water. Officers also found rotting food and garbage in the home.

Officers determined the home to be “unlivable,” and they removed Smith’s 11-year-old daughter. The girl was taken to the hospital to be treated for sores and infected bug bites. Susan Que Smith was taken into custody and booked at Wichita County Jail with a $7,500 bond.