A cause of death has been determined for Robert Lowery, a Houston man who went missing in the same woods as Gabby Petito. The Teton County Coroner’s Office in Wyoming reported that the father of two died from suicide after a gunshot wound to the head.

His family is currently mourning the loss of their loved one while focusing on the futures of his two young children, 12-year-old Meredith and 15-year-old Luke.

 A coroner's report determined that Robert Lowery's cause of death was suicide. The Texas man disappeared in the same stretch of Wyoming woods as Gabby Petito and his body was found just 17 miles from hers. (Credit: GoFundMe)
A coroner’s report determined that Robert Lowery’s cause of death was suicide. The Texas man disappeared in the same stretch of Wyoming woods as Gabby Petito and his body was found just 17 miles from hers. (Credit: GoFundMe)

Robert Lowery’s body was found on Sept. 28 and police credit the media attention of the Gabby Petito case to helping them find the missing Texan.

“The widespread news coverage of the Gabby Petito search helped bring light to Lowery’s case, and resulted in at least two members of the public calling local authorities … with new information about his possible last seen point,” said the Teton County search and rescue team.

Lowery went missing on Aug. 20 while hiking in the woods and authorities and the media believed that his disappearance was connected to the Gabby Petito case. Both victims were found in the same stretch of Wyoming forest, Lowery just 17 miles away from the young woman.

Robert Lowery cause of death suicide
Robert Lowery went missing on August 20 in the Wyoming forest and his body was found by Teton Police department. His family thanked the officer’s search efforts and other individuals who helped them to locate their loved one. Photo Credit: Lowery Family

Tips sent to the Teton police department said Lowery was last seen on Black Canyon Trail carrying a black duffle bag with a Nike logo and wearing a black baseball hat with the letter P on it. Search dogs were able to find that duffle bag close to where his body was discovered.

Leigh Lowery, Robert’s sister, spoke with Breaking Daily News exclusively after her brother’s death. “We are grateful that the media from Gabby’s case raised attention to others missing in the area and their recovery,” she told BDN. But “my brother’s death is not connected, except through the pain of loss. It is not feasible to connect the two timelines.”

The Houston father had taken a flight to Jackson Holes, Wyoming and used a ride share service to get him to Wilson right before he disappeared. According to his sister, her brother had been communicating with his children right until he fell off the grid. His family grew worried when he stopped contact.

In a statement, they thanked the Teton Police department and their efforts to find Lowery. The family said, “We also thank you all for your support and prayers. Bob has been a wonderful father, son, brother, and friend. Our family wants to thank the news media and others involved in the search for our privacy at this difficult time.”

The family has started a GoFundMe page for Robert’s two young children. The money will go toward their futures and educations and as of today, the family have raised over $43,000. On their page the family once again expressed their thanks for the people that have helped them solve Robert Lowery’s disappearance.

The page said that Robert’s “children will have the unconditional love and support our full extended family; however, in the wake their father’s unexpected death, we want to ensure that they are best set up for their future. Regardless of monetary contribution, please know that we have felt the continued love, support & prayers from our community, family & friends throughout this tragedy. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. While we set a goal, please know that there is no expectation. Any level of contribution is truly appreciated.”