The manhunt for Robert Vicosa, the ex-Baltimore officer who was accused of kidnapping his two daughters, ended in Smithsburg, Md. According to police reports Vicosa, his two daughters and his companion, Tia Bynum, are all dead.

As of 3:30 p.m. today, Baltimore police had surrounded a crashed car that they believed had Vicosa, Bynum and the two young girls inside. The cause of the crash is unknown and police are continuing to investigate.

According to previous police reports, Vicosa was accused of kidnapping the girls before picking up Bynum and going on a days long crimes spree from Maryland into Pennsylvania. Among their alleged crimes, officers believe that they kidnapped another man at gunpoint.

Robert Vicosa was accused of kidnapping his two daughters and going on a crime spree. The manhunt for him ended with four dead. (Credit: Twitter)
Robert Vicosa was accused of kidnapping his two daughters and going on a crime spree. The manhunt for him ended with four dead. (Credit: Twitter)

Robert Vicosa’s crimes started Sunday when he allegedly assaulted his estranged wife before taking off with his daughters, Giana and Aaminah.

Lt. Ken Scollenberger, from the Baltimore PD, said “She was assaulted there violently, and she was there for over 24 hours, possibly more. She reported to us there were guns involved — multiple guns, multiple calibers, long rifles and handguns. There was some drug use going on at the home.”

On Tuesday, Vicosa and his daughters were spotted in Felton, Pa,, where he robbed a woman at gunpoint and stole her car. According to the woman, she woke up and was shocked to find the man and his daughter squatting in her camper.

“It was very terrifying,” she said. “He came out of the camper and he had a towel wrapped around him … He had the gun on me. I stood right there and I (held my hands up) … He wanted to tie me. ‘Anything in the camper to tie you up?’ I said, ‘No, I don’t.’ I said, ‘Take my car’ (and) got my keys, gave them to him.”

Barb Humer said that Robert Vicosa also asked for dry clothes, which she gave to him while the girls watched TV. She said that the former Baltimore cop told her that he didn’t like how his ex-wife’s family was treating his girls and that was why he took them.

Humer reportedly asked the girls if their father was going to hurt her and they told her that their dad was nice.

After stealing Humer’s car, Vicosa took off and was spotted in the Cockeysville area with his daughters and Tia Bynum, who was a former Baltimore police officer that reports say was helping Vicosa. Bynum was suspended from the force following her involvement with the crimes.

By Wednesday, the group was seen in the Cockeysville, Md. area, which is about 14 miles north of Baltimore. That was where Vicosa and Bynum kidnapped a man and forced him to drive them to various places. The man was never harmed but, according to witnesses, Vicosa was actively armed with at least one gun.

At that time, Baltimore police officers were warning the public about Vicosa and told the community that if they saw him to stay away and not approach the former police officer.

“We believe that these two suspects committed a kidnapping in Baltimore County yesterday afternoon in Cockeysville,” Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt said. “During this incident, these suspects, who were armed with a handgun, carjacked an individual, forcing him to drive these two suspects throughout several different locations across the Baltimore metropolitan area. This victim was later released unharmed.”

In response to the ongoing manhunt this morning, 16 Baltimore area schools went into lockout mode. Students weren’t able to enter or leave the school without the permission of the principal.

It is unclear how Robert Vicosa crashed the car that killed the passengers. Police are continuing to investigate.