Ryan Prosser, 47, fell from an upper level at a Phish Concert at the Chase Center in San Francisco. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers are trying to determine the cause of the fall.

Concert security were told to go to the area where Prosser was sitting at around 8:55 p.m. Sunday night. They were notified that a person needed medical assistance and that the injuries were caused by a possible fall. But it was still not clear what happened.


Phish fan Ryan Prosser died at a Phish Concert at the Chase Center in San Francisco Sunday night. He fell from the upper level and was pronounced dead at the scene. (Credit: Instagram)
Phish fan Ryan Prosser died at a Phish Concert at the Chase Center in San Francisco Sunday night. He fell from the upper level and was pronounced dead at the scene. (Credit: Instagram)

Medics arrived to the scene and tried to give aid to Prosser, but it was too late. The 47-year-old man from Greene County, NY was pronounced dead. Fellow Phish fans were in shock.

“I think we’re still in shock. It was pretty intense,” said Erika Munsch, who was there, four rows away from where the victim landed. “There was no movement. The fact that they did CPR so quickly was a sign that, like, it wasn’t good.”

The San Francisco Police Department confirmed the death with KTVU and said that they don’t believe foul play was involved in the tragic death, but Robert Moen, a fan from Austin, Texas who was at the concert Sunday night said that he saw Prosser intentionally jump off the upper level.

“We were a couple rows behind the first guy that jumped intentionally and we saw him right when he put his feet on the barrier, stood up and just leapt,” said Moen. “He went out of view and I realized later, that was a huge drop, maybe four stories or so.”

According to users on a Reddit thread that developed after the concert, Ryan Prosser fell into an empty seat and didn’t injure any other individuals. One user said the man fell right next to his buddy and brushed his shoulder, only a few more inches and his friend would have been injured.

This was not the only fall that happened at the Phish concert that night. After concert officials were notified of the first fall, they received another call of someone needing medical assistance because of another fall.

This individual only received minor injuries from the fall and was taken to the hospital to be treated. The person that they fell on also received minor injuries and both fans are expected to be OK.

After the tragic accidents, the Chase Center issued the following statement: “Two guests attending last night’s concert were seriously injured,” Chase Center officials said in a statement. “The San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Officer has informed us that, sadly, one of the individuals has passed away. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the guest’s loved ones. We are working with the local authorities to determine exactly what happened, and will defer questions about the incident to the San Francisco Police Department.”

Phish has yet to comment on the events of their San Francisco concert. According to some concert-goers, many members of the staff, fans and the band itself didn’t know that the death occurred until after the concert.

According to many concert-goers, they are still shaken up by the events of the night and the death of Ryan Prosser. One Reddit user wrote, “It was 5 rows in front of my wife and I in (section) 116. The single worst thing I’ve ever seen. Thoughts to his family and all that witnessed such a tragedy.”

Some fans are calling for the Chase Center to provide more safety precautions. One fan from the previous Saturday night concert took to Twitter and showed a picture of what their seat looked like.

The Phish concert was one of the first major events that the Chase Center had since opening. The building was opened six months before the Covid-19 pandemic and has spent a lot of time empty.

Another Phish concert is scheduled for tomorrow, and a Warriors game is due to take place on Thursday. Some fans are worried that more accidents will happen like the tragic death that took place Sunday night.