Sam Alexis Woods, Tiger’s 14-year-old daughter, stole the show at her father’s induction ceremony to the World Golf Hall of Fame on Wednesday, rousing the audience with her heartwarming speech.

Though Tiger Woods has had a long, tumultuous history with the women in his life, the Hall of Fame golfer was surrounded by loved ones at the ceremony. In attendance was his daughter Sam Alexis Woods, his girlfriend Erica Herman, his 13-year-old son Charlie, and his mom Kultida Woods.

Woods, one of the most famous athletes in the world, was a No. 1 golfer for 683 non-consecutive weeks throughout his career. He won 18 World Golf Championships since winning PGA Tour Rookie of the Year in 1996, including five Masters Tournaments.

Referencing a major car accident that occurred last year, Sam Alexis Woods stated in her speech: “We didn’t know if you’d come home with two legs or not.”

“Now, not only are you about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but you’re standing here on your own two feet,” she said. “This is why you deserve this, because you’re a fighter.”

Thanking his daughter, he told the audience that he “just lost a bet that I wouldn’t cry,” failing to hold back tears.

Sam Alexis Woods

Tiger Woods and his daughter Sam Alexis Woods, out for a stroll back in 2017
Tiger Woods and his daughter Sam Alexis Woods, out for a stroll back in 2017. Photo Credit: BACKGRID

Born in 2007, Sam Alexis Woods is shared with Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model.

The two separated years later after a scandal put Tiger under intense media scrutiny. But his daughter never left his side.

“My dad found himself in a position to make an 18-foot putt to force a U.S. Open playoff, which he missed by a foot,” Sam told Yahoo! Sports before the ceremony. “He then had to rush to the airport, fly from Pittsburgh to Orlando, and drive to the Winnie Palmer Hospital.”

“Within five minutes of walking into the hospital room, still wearing his red golf shirt, on June 18, I was born,” she said. “He may have lost that day, but he won the greatest gift of all.”

Sam Alexis Woods’ speech brought the house down, upstaging her famous father who was brought to tears.

He later told the audience that his parents had to take out a second mortgage on their house when he was his daughter’s age, just so that he could continue to pursue his dream of golf. He stated that he proud of what he was able to provide for his family, and for his daughter.

Erica Herman

Tiger Woods, his girlfriend Erica Herman, and his son Charlie, at the 2019 US Open
Tiger Woods, his girlfriend Erica Herman, and his son Charlie, at the 2019 US Open. Photo Credit: BACKGRID

Tiger Woods’ longtime girlfriend, Erica Herman, was also in attendance at the ceremony, showing support for the close relationship they’ve built together since 2017.

Ten years Tiger’s junior, the two first met when Erica was a college student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Studying political science, she worked to support her way through school at a restaurant called The Blue Martini, where Tiger Woods was a frequent customer.

According to, the star athlete eventually hired her to work as a restaurant manager at his own eating establishment, The Woods, in Jupiter, Fl., and they began dating, publicly, two years later.

Tiger Woods’ children both approve of the relationship, and she has grown close to Sam and Charlie over the last few years. She also gets along with Elin, Tiger’s ex-wife.

“Elin has a friendly relationship with Erica,” a source close to the family told People. “Tiger has come a long way and Elin acknowledges that. She is happy that he is dating Erica.”

Erica was by his side when he returned to the sport to win the Masters in 2019 and dropped everything to help him heal after his car accident in 2021.

“She’s been by his bedside, holding his hand and telling him everything’s going to be OK,” a source described at the time. “He’s a champ and he’s got this.”

Tiger Woods later said that Erica Herman’s support “meant the world” to him.