Sami Sheen, the 17-year-old daughter of actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, shared in a TikTok video that she’s doing well now that she’s moved out her mother’s “abusive home.”

In the emotional video, Sami claimed that she was “trapped,” and was “insanely depressed,” going “days without eating or sleeping.”

She has since made the video private after it received a downpour of attention, but wrote that now that she had moved out of her mother’s “hell house,” she: “had a spiritual awakening, own 2 cats, happy single, full of self love, and dropped out of high school :).”

Sami Sheen shared an emotional TikTok video detailing her struggles living with her mother, Denise Richards
Sami Sheen shared an emotional TikTok video detailing her struggles living with her mother, Denise Richards. Photo Credit: TikTok

The family is no stranger to troubles at home, with Charlie Sheen’s lengthy stints of rehab, dangerous marriages, and time in the public eye throughout their storied career.

According to a Page Six source close to the family, there seems to be very little sympathies for whatever Sami Sheen is dealing with mentally, though Denise Richards, “loves her daughter very much and she’s saddened by the situation.”

Calling her video, and subsequent move out of the house, “teenage angst,” the source said that Sami Sheen simply did not want to attend school or “follow the rules of the house.” She is rumored to now be living with Charlie in a less “abusive home.”

“Denise set normal rules that any parent would be setting,” the source said. “She’s a mom and a parent and there are rules. Charlie didn’t support implementing Denise’s rules. He has a different way of parenting and Sami decided to live with her dad.”

Speaking to Page Six through his representative, Jeff Ballard, Charlie Sheen said that, “Sam’s amazing. I love her and all my children unconditionally. We’re having a ball. GED here we come!”

Despite the couple’s drama-filled lives, the kids had previously called them great “co-parents,” and even acted together in various projects throughout the early 2010’s. In 2012, Charlie Sheen had appeared alongside Denise Richards in Madea’s Witness Protection, and Denise also guest-starred in an episode of Charlie’s television series Anger Management in 2013.

Always the controversial celebrity actor Charlie Sheen is now healthy and happy
Always the controversial celebrity actor Charlie Sheen is now healthy and happy. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

“Even though he’s Charlie Sheen, that is still, to them, their dad,” Denise said in an episode of Real House Wives of Beverly Hills on Bravo in 2020. “I never talk badly about him and I want him to be part of their lives because I met a lot of the women that Charlie entertained and a lot of them had father-daughter issues. And I do not want that to be our girls.”

“When I got pregnant with Lola [their second child], things started to change rapidly,” she continued. “It was a very dark time. Very toxic. And I filed for divorce when I was six months pregnant with her… But Charlie was sober when we got married so we were not this swinging couple like people might assume. We weren’t.”

Most recently, Charlie Sheen got his monthly child support payments for Sami Sheen reduced from $55,000 to just $10,000, which may have added some extra pressure at home.

According to a source for TMZ, Denise, “cannot afford to cover basic bills,” since “one child is receiving significant psychological help and there are other needs as well among the 4 kids.”

This past June, Charlie’s father Martin Sheen, 80, praised his son’s recovery, calling his work, “a miracle.”

“We went through as you, as everyone knows I suppose, some very difficult times when he was out there,” actor Martin Sheen said. “He’s come back, thank heaven, and he’s healthy… “I’ve always, always adored him, he’s an extraordinary man.”

“If I could go back in time and have NEVER STARTED, I would absolutely do so,” Charlie Sheen wrote on Twitter. “If you are on the fence about quitting, trust me; the sooner the better!”