Sandra Bullock is opening up about what it’s like to raise two Black children, her son, Louis, 11, and daughter, Lalia, 8. According to the actress, her family has faced racism because they have different skin colors.

The actress appeared on the recent episode of Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris and was honest about her family’s experiences.

She said, “As a white parent who loves her children more than life itself, I’m scared of everything. I know I’m laying all kinds of existential anxiety on them. I have to think about what they’re going to experience leaving the home. They’re gonna have my fear but how can I make sure that my anxiety is accurate, protective?”

Sandra admitted during the talk that she sometimes wished their skin colors were all the same so it would be easier for her family in public. The 57-year-old adopted Louis in 2010 and Lalia in 2015. She said that she thought the children were signs from her late mother, Helga Meyer, because she got their adoption calls in her mother’s favorite place, Jacksonville, Wyo.

Sandra Bullock opened up about what's it's like to raise two Black children as a white mom. (Credit:
Sandra Bullock opened up about what it’s like to raise two Black children as a white mom. (Credit:

Sandra told the table that her family has experienced a lot of racism, but she doesn’t believe she needs to explain her decisions about adopting her Black children to people who want to criticize her.

She said, “No one would say that to my face but guess what? You get the racism. There’s been — sure a lot of it. But guess what? Not my problem.”

Willow Smith commented and said that she wished people didn’t have to bring color into everything. Sandra said she hopes that one day the world will see things differently.

The actress admitted that she is mainly worried about her son’s safety now that he is getting older. She was honest and said that she regularly has talks with both of her children about the realities of the world and that she does not shy them away from the truth.

“With Lou being a young Black man, at some point, sweet, funny Lou, is going to be a young man, and the minute he leaves my home, I can’t follow him everywhere,” she shared.”I will try. I’m joking, but I’m not. I don’t know what I will do but I pray and I pray and I pray that I’ve done a good enough job, scared them sufficiently.

The actress went on and shared a moment that happened between mother and son when Louis was 6. She said, “I’ve been schooling Lou since he was six years old. He popped that hoodie on his head, and I went, ‘Ahhh.’ I said, let me just explain. And I let him see everything. I let him process it. He knows how the world works. He knows how cruel it is, he knows how unfair it is, and now Laila’s knowing it.”

Sandra Bullock said that Laila got very upset about Squid Game because there are no Black characters in it.

Sandra also talked about the beautiful moments that she has experienced with her children. The actress said that her parenting is just like anyone else with white or Black children. She said that there are struggles but she wouldn’t trade her time with her children for the world.

“I love who they are,” she said. “Every day I get to see who they are. I am one of the lucky individuals that gets to be around my children all the time and see who they get to grow up and be. And who they’re growing up to be, I couldn’t be more proud of.”