Sarah Moulds, a U.K. teacher for Somerby Primary School in Melton Mowbray, was suspended after viral footage shared on social media showed the educator abusing a horse she was riding following a hunt. The teacher has since been fired from the school as backlash grew, with many watching and sharing the gut-wrenching act caught on video.

According to The Guardian, the anti-hunt group Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs revealed that they filmed the video after observing Moulds punching, kicking, and dragging the horse back to its trailer.

Lackeys Will Ashmore and his son Ed were listed as the videographers, stating in the Twitter clip of Moulds slapping her horse in the face that they watched on with “violence running through their veins.”

The 37-year-old educator was attending the Cottesmore Hunt in Rutland, East Midlands, when anger somehow set in and she took it out on the poor, defenseless horse.

Paul Maddox, chief operating officer of the Mowbray Education Trust (which oversees seven schools in the district) confirmed that her tenure with the school was over in a statement released on Tuesday.

“We are committed to ensuring the best standard of education for all of our young people and we look forward to continuing this throughout the 2021/22 academic year and beyond,” he said.

The Pony Club, where she worked as a lead volunteer, also terminated her membership, writing that, “The welfare of horses and ponies is of the utmost importance to the Pony Club, therefore the lady in question has been removed from her voluntary position as a team organizer.”

Sarah Moulds seen slapping her horse in the since-viral animal abuse video on Twitter
Sarah Moulds seen slapping her horse in the since-viral animal abuse video on Twitter. Photo Credit: Twitter

After losing her job at Somerby Primary School, the Pony Club acknowledged that they no longer wanted Moulds in danger to their animals as they gave free Pony rides to children. The equestrian organization boasts 30,000 members in the UK, where Moulds was a team manager.

According to The Daily Mail, Sarah Moulds has received death threats and fled her house after angry parents and animal rights activists swarmed her telephone calls.

An unnamed neighbor who lives near the former teacher said that “she’s had to go away after receiving death threats and loads of vile abuse. It’s awful and has got very much out of hand. She fears for her life.”

The neighbor revealed that they didn’t know what she did to deserve such vitriol, but that “she’s terrified of being in her own home in case someone targets her or her kids there.”

A mother of two, Moulds allegedly moved her and her children to a secure location until the anger from her actions dies down.

Sarah Moulds’ uncle, David Kirkham, also came the educator’s defense, telling The Daily Mail that he’s “seen the video,” but “doesn’t know what the horse had been doing and if it was out of control.”

“We know it ran out onto the road and she told it off,” he said. “She was reprimanding the horse. There was no malice intended. She is very well thought of and respected… She is a very upright person, a fantastic person who absolutely loves her horses.”

In the video, the horse is clearly seen trying to pull away as Moulds grabs the reins and slaps it repeatedly in the face.

Moulds is currently being investigated by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), who told reporters that the footage was “really upsetting.”

The Hunting Office has agreed to help the RSPCA with their investigations, stating that the club “expects the highest level of animal welfare at all times — both on and off the hunting field.” The office condemned the actions, and said that it did not condone her behavior “under any circumstances.”

Sarah Moulds has yet to speak publicly about the incident.