Sativa Transue was found beaten to death in a Cancun hotel room. Her boyfriend, Taylor Allen, was arrested and charged with femicide. Now, her family is desperately searching for answers.

According to reports, the 26-year-old woman was found by a maid at the All Ritmo Resort on Saturday. The young woman appeared to be “beaten to a pulp.” Allen was arrested in connection to the murder and reports say that the couple had been arguing the night before her death.

Transue’s friends said that the young woman texted them the night before and told them that Taylor Allen and she had gotten into a fight and that she needed stitches. She also told them that her boyfriend was threatening to jump off the balcony of their fourth-floor hotel room.

Sativa Transue was found dead in her Cancun hotel room. Her boyfriend, Taylor Allen, has been charged with her killing and police continue to investigate. (Credit: Instagram)
Sativa Transue was found dead in her Cancun hotel room. Her boyfriend, Taylor Allen, has been charged with her murder and police continue to investigate. (Credit: Instagram)

“I believe that’s when she told him that she wanted to leave, and I think that that’s why he was making these threats about trying to jump,” Jason Transue, Sativa’s father said.

Mexican police reports show that the night of her death, Transue had asked hotel security for medical attention because her boyfriend allegedly hit her. The 31-year-old was known for having a very different personality when he drank. Transue called it “The Beast.”

Her friends got worried when she didn’t respond to their texts and called the FBI and the U.S. Consulate in Mexico the next morning. At 9 a.m. her mother received a call that she had been found dead.

According to the family, Allen was abusive and manipulative. Transue’s father had tried to convince his daughter to come home for Thanksgiving, but Allen had forced her to go on a last-minute Mexican vacation.

The couple had been dating for three years, and her family had been trying to get her to leave him since their six-month anniversary. The family suspected that her boyfriend monitored her phone.

Transue's family claimed that her boyfriend was abusive, and they are trying to bring her body back home. (Credit: Instagram)
Transue’s family claimed that her boyfriend was abusive, and they are trying to bring her body back home. (Credit: Instagram)

“The Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office reports that they have detained a man of foreign nationality, a probable participant in the femicide of a woman,” said a statement by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office.

A Twitter account for the Cancun law enforcement shows a blurred-out mugshot of a man in a hotel robe. Mexican officials have not released the identity of this suspect, but Sativa Transue’s family is sure that Taylor Allen is responsible for her death.

Police officers continue to investigate the killing and search for a possible motive.

Transue’s family said that they are now working desperately to bring her body home. According to them, the Mexican authorities along with Allen’s lawyer are having the body and her belongings held as evidence. The family also said that because of the pandemic, everything is moving very slowly.

“Taylor Allen has been charged with Femicide and is now in Mexican prison awaiting a hearing for his sentence. His lawyer is having my sister’s body and belongings held for 3 more days. We can’t even bring my sister home to give her peace. I will never understand why this happened to my sister, but I’m beyond amazed at the outpour of love we’ve received for her. And I’m glad we’re on track to getting my sister the justice she deserves,” said Transue’s sister, Mykayla, in a heartbreaking Facebook post.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Sativa Transue and her family. According to her sister, the amount of donations they have received has been heartwarming. So far, the page has raised $38,000 with a goal of $40,000. The money will help bring her body home and cover funeral costs.

Any leftover money will be donated to a domestic violence charity in Sativa Transue’s name. Her family wants others to learn from their daughter’s life and know that it is OK to ask for help.

“I think that if anybody out there, all these young girls, they need to get out of any type of domestic problems,” her father said. “If this can teach anybody anything, they need to open up and tell somebody. It’s so sad that she couldn’t tell somebody.”