Attorneys for Scott Smith said the Loudoun County, Virginia father was “relieved that justice was served” after a juvenile court found the teen boy accused of sexually assaulting his daughter guilty on all counts.

Judge Pamela Brooks sustained the charges of forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio against the 14-year-old boy on Monday, which is the juvenile-court equivalent of a conviction. 

In May, the 15-year-old daughter of Scott Smith alleged that the boy, a classmate, sexually assaulted her in a school bathroom. The boy was transferred to a different Loudoun County school, where he was again accused of sexually assaulting another 15-year-old female student in October.

“This horrible incident has deeply affected the Smith family, and they are grateful for today’s outcome,” Scott Smith’s lawyers said in a statement Monday. 

“The Smith family stands stronger than ever in moving forward to ensure that those responsible in the Loudoun County School system are held accountable, so that this may never happen again to anyone else’s child.”

The name of the accused boy and his alleged victims have not been released, on account of their ages. 

Teen Boy Found Guilty in Bathroom Assault 

According to the Washington Post, Smith’s daughter told the court during the trial that she had agreed to meet the male student in a bathroom stall, but not to have sex. 

Once inside, Smith’s daughter reportedly said, the male student began to touch her without consent. 

“He flipped me over,” she said. “I was on the ground and couldn’t move and he sexually assaulted me.”

Attorneys for the accused boy said the encounter was consensual, claiming that the pair were friends and had “hooked up” previously. But the student had previously given statements to police that undermined the argument — admitting he had “messed up” and hurt his victim.  

After being found guilty for the May assault, the unnamed student will now face charges for the alleged October assault. He will not be sentenced for the incident involving Smith’s daughter until the other case is adjudicated, according to local reports

Scott Smith Arrested at School Board Meeting 

The sexual assault case spiralled into a local political fiasco, after Scott Smith was tackled, arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at a school board meeting in June. 

The incident began when school board members defended the district’s student bathroom policy — which reportedly allows students to choose which facilities they’d prefer to use — by saying that they “don’t have any record of assaults occurring” in the school restrooms. 

Smith, whose lawyer admitted he “argued loudly,” “clenched his fist” and “swore” in the meeting, said he became angry because his daughter’s assault was reported less than a month before. 

Later, the National School Board Association (NSBA) wrote in a letter to the Biden Administration that Smith’s “heinous actions” were “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” Scott Smith has disputed the label.

“The NSBA defamed me, impugning my reputation and that of other concerned parents who dared challenge our local school board,” he said in a statement through his lawyers on Monday. “I am owed an apology and I deserve one. I demand the NSBA retract its statement that I am a ‘domestic terrorist,’ or I will have no other choice but to seek a court to do it for them.”

Smith’s attorneys also told WJLA that they were filing suit against Loudoun County school officials, but did not specify further. 

Scott Smith, whose daughter was sexually assaulted in a bathroom at a Loudon, County Virginia high school, was arrested at a school board meeting in June after an argument over the school's gender policies.
Scott Smith, whose daughter was sexually assaulted in a bathroom at a Loudoun, County Virginia high school, was arrested at a school board meeting in June after an argument over the school’s gender policies. Photo credit: Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office

Gender Identity at Issue in Bathroom Assault

That the scuffle at the Loudoun County school board meeting began with criticism of the district’s student bathroom policy is no coincidence. Smith and other parents in the district have alleged that the sexual assault of his daughter could only have occurred with such a policy in place. 

Loudoun Now reported in August that Smith said at the school board meeting his daughter’s assailant “identified as genderfluid.” 

Other reports have asserted that the assailant was “wearing a skirt” at the time of the May attack. That detail appears to have originated with Smith as well, first appearing in an interview he gave to the Daily Wire some time after the school board meeting. 

Neither the assailant’s gender identity nor the skirt have been independently verified.