Rookie Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed reportedly had an older “mentor” on set by the name of Seth Kenney. An Arizona gun expert and owner of a licensed weapons and props rental company, Seth Kenney allegedly supplied the Colt. 45 firearm that Alec Baldwin fired, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

According to documents obtained by The Los Angeles Times, an internal crew list labeled Seth Kenney, 51, as an “armorer mentor,” hired in late September. An unnamed source also revealed that Kenney had originally suggested Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, for the head armorer role, despite only working on one other film prior to Rust.

Other Rust crew members said that they had not recalled Seth Kenney being on set in New Mexico during the incident on Oct. 21 however, so it is unknown how hands-on Kenney was or what his official duties were as an “armorer mentor.” Many crew members and Hollywood professionals also told The Los Angeles Times that they had never heard of the role on a film set before, and that they had no idea what an “armorer mentor” would have done on set.

Sources alleged that Seth Kenney’s PDQ Arm & Prop company in Lake Havasu City supplied guns for Rust, and that the company reportedly held two firearm licenses issued by Arizona’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Before starting PDG Arm & Prop company, Seth Kenney worked for five years at the Hand Prop Room, a prestigious Los Angeles prop house that worked on sets for AMC’s The Walking Dead and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained revisionist western film.

According to his IMDb page, Seth Kenney’s only listed credit is as a “weapon’s consultant” for the 2015 film Man Down, starring Shia LaBeouf and Gary Oldman.

“He provided weapons to hundreds of productions when he worked there,” a source told The Los Angeles Times. “He’s very knowledgeable in the field… very good at educating individuals who aren’t so good at weapons.”

“He customized the weapons for whatever load you’re needing, which is very precise,” the source continued, alleging that, “he’s one of the very few who know how to do that.”

According to The Los Angeles Times, Seth Kenny and the film’s production company both declined to comment, as has Santa Fe County sheriff’s spokesperson Juan Ríos.

With no one placing blame, the investigation has turned its attention toward how live ammunition got on set. Authorities previously revealed that armorer Hannah Reed loaded the cart before assistant director Dave Halls handed the gun to Alec Baldwin, but Seth Kenney’s presence as “mentor” and gun supplier may throw a wrench in that understanding.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed also previously told detectives that she had “no idea” how live rounds got on set. Her lawyers even alleged this past week that it was possible that a disgruntled crew member could have purposefully sabotaged the firearm.

Citing the event prior to the shooting incident when dozens of crew members walked off set due to safety concerns and workplace misconduct, Hannah Reed’s lawyer Jason Bowles, believes that sabotage could have been a motive.

“How did a live round get on set, and who put that live round on the set?” asked Hannah Reed’s attorney, Jason Bowles. “There was a box of dummy rounds labeled ‘dummy. We don’t know whether the live round came from that box. We’re assuming somebody put the live round in that box.”

Bowles has yet to provide any evidence to back up his claim, but he did also reveal that the gun was left unattended for around 5 to 10 minutes.

“Hannah was hired on two positions on this film, which made it extremely difficult to focus on her job as an armorer,” he said. Her lack of training and time being spread too thin on set could have also led to Seth Kenney’s hiring in September.

“She fought for training, days to maintain weapons and proper time to prepare for gunfire but ultimately was overruled by production and her department,” her lawyers explained. “The whole production set became unsafe due to various factors, including lack of safety meetings.”

No arrests have been made as of yet, but Sante Fe authorities made it clear that nothing is off the table as the investigation continues.