Shadia Hilo is the real mother of the children Dasha Kelly called her daughters! Kelly, a former Las Vegas card dealer recently created a GoFundMe page to raise money to avoid eviction. Her GoFundMe page was not generating a lot of donations, and she was worried she was going to be thrown out of her home. CNN producers heard about the story, and they decided to interview Kelly. After the success of the CNN segment Kelly soon saw donations skyrocket to $230,000.

The only problem? The children who Kelly claimed were her own are, in fact, the daughters of Shadia Hilo. Kelly was just the babysitter. Now friends and family of Shadia Hilo are screaming fraud. Will Dasha Kelly have to give back all of the donations?

Kelly revealed that she is not the biological mother of Shadia Hilo’s three girls – ages 5, 6, and 8 – but she feels she is a maternal figure to them. Kelly explained in the broadcast that she was struggling to pay rent and even faced eviction. She then said that without help she and her three “daughters” would be homeless.

“My name is Kelly and I have 3 daughters living in Nevada,” Kelly wrote on GoFundMe. “We were maintaining just fine before this pandemic hit. Now we are suffering. We do have EBT for food, and also applied for Chap. However, they do not assist immediately. We owe $1,900 for rent alone not including utilities. I will figure out utilities by pawning a few things. As you all know it is entirely still too hot to be homeless.”

Shadia Hilo is the real mom. Dasha Kelly comes clean after exploiting someone else's children for profit.
Shadia Hilo is the real mom. Dasha Kelly comes clean after exploiting someone else’s children for profit. Photo Credit: Facebook

When CNN arrived at her door, the reporter explained that the donations passed the measly $1,900 goal. The surprised Kelly teared up and gathered with her “daughters” on the couch. “I just want to tell everybody, thank you so much,” Dasha Kelly said from her couch last Tuesday. CNN reported that it was one of her last pieces of furniture. “I’m still in denial.”

The story went viral after CNN’s coverage and Dasha Kelly’s GoFundMe page grew ten-fold. In just a few days, donations topped $230,000. Kelly’s popularity soared. But those who knew the real story came out of the woodwork. Friends of Shadia Hilo created the “Justice for Shadia Hilo” Facebook page, which has dozens of posts accusing Dasha Kelly of using Hilo’s daughters for personal profits.

Twitter and Facebook became the battleground for the debate, with many people insisting that Kelly wasn’t telling the truth. The real mom even posted a video from her job, claiming that Kelly was using her kids for profit and that she was just the babysitter. Hilo explained in the video that Kelly was dating the baby daddy and that since he worked he left the kids with Kelly.

During the CNN report, however, the three girls called Kelly “mom,” leaving people to believe that she was the real mother. Kelly didn’t come clean for over a week and continued to rack in donations on GoFundMe. Calls for the page to be taken down were echoed across social media until the scandal became too much. On Monday, Dasha Kelly confessed to CNN that she was not the biological mother.

Dasha Kelly accused of fraud! Former Las Vegas card dealer confesses that she is just the babysitter for Shadia Hilo's kids.
Dasha Kelly is accused of fraud! Former Las Vegas card dealer confesses that she is just the babysitter for Shadia Hilo’s kids. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

“Yes, Shadia Hilo is their mother,” CNN reported Nick Watt explained, addressing the scandal. “We have seen the birth certificates. And now we know that Dasha Kelly is dating the girls’ father.” It was revealed that the three daughters spend a lot of time with Kelly. Hilo claimed she dropped her daughters at Kelly’s house for a week because she had to work. It goes without saying that this has been an extreme embarrassment for CNN. Critics have pointed out that the network did not do due diligence in fact-checking the story before putting Shadia Hilo’s daughters on TV.

When Hilo became upset, the act was over. The GoFundMe page has not been taken down but was altered to reflect the truth. Kelly is now described as a “mother figure” to the three girls. She says she loves them unconditionally. Despite the changes on the GoFundMe page many critics feel the donation page should be removed, and that Kelly should not receive the money.

A spokesperson for GoFundMe explained that the funds have not been withdrawn and will remain on hold until her information is verified. Those who donated to the cause are allowed to request a refund through August 23.

Kelly clarified that “I take care of these girls in my home for periods of time, and have for the last couple years.” Kelly is dating the girls’ father who has to work. “I’ve loved these girls unconditionally, and have been out of the kindness of my heart. I treat them as my daughters, and care for them in this way.” It was reported that the three girls will be returning to Shadio Hilo’s home at the start of the school year.

Dasha Kelly’s fundraiser has lost more than $40,000 since she revealed the truth. As of Thursday, the fund dropped to $191,545. It’s not clear when Kelly will be able to withdraw the remaining donations. Shadia Hilo’s friends and family are very angry and feel there should be additional consequences.